Beating the “what can we doooo”s

After a couple of days pottering at home recovering from the school term, the kids (and I) were starting to get a bit antsy.  So we had a super-busy day in the city as an antidote.

We went into town quite early in the morning, and ran a couple of errands before heading to the library.  We returned some books and hung out there for about an hour.  Babess found lots of books she could read by herself (amazement and joy!), and so did Fainjin, so they spent the time taking turns to read to me.  Pearl buried herself in the (children’s) historical fiction shelves and despite my pleas not to borrow any bricks emerged with half a dozen very heavy books she needed to read.

We emerged into bright sunshine and found a good spot to eat the morning tea we had brought with us, staring down the pigeons who thought we might share.  Then we went and bought tap shoes (the smallest possible) for Babess, who glowed with pleasure at the thought of the noise she will now be able to make in her dance classes.

After that there was more shopping to do, some craft supplies for a planned school holiday project, and we started to think about lunch.  Pearl had a great idea and we ended up getting picnic bits and pieces from a supermarket and sitting on the waterfront to eat.

Babess and Fainjin particularly enjoyed watching the boats while we ate, and Babess said sadly at one point, “Poor Daddy.  He can’t watch the boats while he eats.”  Then she turned to me and added, “I know why.  He’s at work.”

We spent the afternoon at the museum exploring and learning-through-play, and very noisy it was there too.  A good long walk around the waterfront cleared any remaining cobwebs, then we were all very grateful for a cafe afternoon tea while we waited to meet The Dad for the trip home.  I was especially grateful because the cafe was generous about refilling my teapot with hot water!  They were also very good at small-child-placating, having only one “butterfly cake” left, but surreptitiously adding a candy butterfly to another cake so no-one would miss out.  We’ll be back.

We all managed to stay awake for the drive home and dinner, but Fainjin and Babess were in bed and fast asleep before 6:30pm, and they didn’t wake up until after 8 the next morning!  I mapped it out and realised we had all walked about 6km over the course of the day, plus the running around playing here and there too… that’s a lot for little legs!

Operation Avoid Boredom: success.

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