The Joy of Reading

Fainjin has been a little slow to discover the joy of reading.  He has never been a reluctant reader, indeed he has been keen to read his school books to us, and has progressed steadily if a little slowly through the reading levels.

But just in the past two or three weeks a slow-burning coal has suddenly burst into flame for him.  All of a sudden he’s not just reading the books sent home from school.  He’s reading lots of different things.  He has found that he can read most of the books on the bookshelf in his & Babess’ bedroom, and his Lego magazines as well.  We’ve been to the library a few times these school holidays, and instead of begging to borrow DVDs of movies, he has revelled in finding lots of books he can read by himself.

We are a reading family, with a house full of books, and as parents it is heartwarming and charming to see such an awakening.  We’re so proud to see him pull down a book he’s never read, and move his finger along the line of text, sounding out words carefully and figuring out the meanings.

Babess, after three weeks of school, seems to have found much the same thing at about the same time.  She will sound out words anywhere she sees them, or ask us “what does [some string of letters] spell?”

Yesterday she caught sight of a book on my bedside table, pointed at the title and said, “I know that word!  That’s the!”

“Yes it is,” I agreed.

“You have lots of my knowing words in your book, Mummy!” she said in tones of great wonder.

I had to agree, it is a wondrous thing.

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