Man drought

It has been a very girl-oriented school holiday in our house.  There have been several visitors and play-dates, and they’ve all been girls.  This has been more by accident than design, and I’ve been feeling for Fainjin being the only boy the whole time.

I organised for him to spend the day with his adored older boy cousin, and he had a fantastic time.  He was so excited to go, and of course Pearl & (especially) Babess wanted to go too but it was important that Fainjin get some “boy time”.

He came home that night with a broad grin and told me how they’d played with the Lego game, bounced on the trampoline, and generally done everything he had been hoping for.

Then, unexpectedly, his face crumpled and he snuggled into me, so very sad.

“Mummy,” he sobbed, “I really want a brother.  ‘Cos Pearl has a sister – so does Babess – and it’s not fair I don’t have a brother.”

There are some problems you just can’t fix, really.  We eventually agreed that a big boy cousin (who doesn’t have a brother either) can be almost as good as a brother.  I’ll try to organise for them to spend more time together next holidays, and have some boy play-dates too!

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