Wiggles and wobbles

There were timtams for morning tea this morning. Yum!  The children were very appreciative.  But half-way through his, Fainjin suddenly pulled something out of his mouth and said, “I think my tooth just fell out!”

“Really?!” I was surprised, because he hadn’t mentioned a wiggly tooth at all.  “Come here, let me see.”

He put the rest of the timtam in his mouth, and came over.  I sighed.  Now he had a mouth full of chocolately caramelly biscuity crumbs.  I gave him a Look, and he giggled and looked abashed.  When he’d finished, I asked him to open his mouth so I could see.  He opened wide and stuck his tongue out – so I couldn’t see his bottom teeth.  The thing in his hand certainly looked like a little tooth.  Eventually I got to see his bottom teeth, and sure enough one of the front ones is missing.

I asked if it had been wiggly, and he said no.  He didn’t seem in the least upset, more amused and rather pleased.  It turns out that lots of other kids in his class have lost several teeth already, and he was feeling left out.  Having lost one now he feels much more grown-up; it is a rite of passage.  I just hope the Tooth Fairy remembers to come tonight.  Ahem.

Meanwhile, things have been a bit shaky around here.  Yesterday at 2:30pm we had a 6.6 “severe” earthquake, which shook our house pretty hard and knocked some light things off shelves.  I was home with a friend visiting, the children were at school, and The Dad was at work.

My friend was very worried about her daughter at kindergarten, so we left almost immediately after the shaking stopped.  That meant we didn’t feel the 5.7 aftershock just a few minutes later – you’re much less likely to feel a quake when you’re moving around.  But more things were on the floor when we got back home!

Pearl hadn’t felt the quake, she was walking somewhere, but Fainjin & Babess had and their classes had done “turtles” very well I’m told.  The school evacuated onto their fields and playground after the shaking, then returned to classrooms to collect their bags and be dismissed at the usual time.  I did notice that there were more parents there earlier than usual – like me!

Our friends came home with us, for the company, and we took refuge in cups of tea for the mums and gingerbread men, lego and children’s TV for the kids.  The Dad had left work early, but didn’t get home for nearly three hours because of traffic chaos in the city as everyone tried to leave at once.  Luckily we were able to keep in contact and knew that we were all safe even if we weren’t together.

At 5:30pm there was another big shake – 6.0 and severe – that had all of us at home back in doorways and under tables being “turtles” again.  The Dad was nearly home at that point, stopped at traffic lights, and felt the car rocking.  He saw a woman in the car ahead of him put on her handbrake and get out of her car, looking very uncertain about what to do.

The children have been remarkably settled.  We had a big shake a month ago, and Babess was very upset by that, refusing to go  to the toilet by herself and waking at night for weeks – she’d only just stopped again, so I was worried we might be back to square one.  But apart from wanting me to escort her to the loo a couple of times, she has been fine.  Pearl woke at 2am and told me there had been another earthquake, but it was a much quieter night than I dared hope.

We expect days and weeks of more aftershocks – and are very thankful that, like last month, there seem to have been no injuries caused by these quakes.  There has been property damage and there will be disruption, but let’s hope this is the worst of it.

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5 Responses to “Wiggles and wobbles”

  1. Jill H. Says:

    Glad you’re all safe and sound!

  2. Karen G Says:

    So happy no one was hurt!
    Here in the DC area, we have only had one earthquake that I’m aware of. Although the center was many miles away, the National Cathedral and Washington monument were damaged.

    Experiencing an earthquake IS confusing! I thought it was just a VERY BIG TRUCK driving by… until I noticed the kitchen cabinets moving. That never happens!

    Do you think the earthquake caused Fainjin’s tooth to fall out the next day? That would give him something to brag about! I’m kidding, of course. It was probably the caramel. 🙂

    • Kate @ upsidebackwards Says:

      🙂 Quakes are fairly common here – and the smaller ones often do feel like a large truck is driving by. I remember one when I was at university when I thought I just hadn’t eaten enough breakfast and was about to faint… then realised everyone else was feeling odd too. That was a funny one, because the lecturer didn’t feel it, and wondered why there was a sudden commotion. He was a bit annoyed, thought we were playing up.
      The big ones in the last month could not have been mistaken for anything but earthquakes though. The 6.5 in July was the strongest shaking I have ever felt; it was as if a giant baby was using our house as its rattle. Remarkably, nothing fell over or even off shelves – so I can only imagine how terrifying the 2010 quake in Christchurch must have been, causing so much damage.

      The quake causing Fainjin’s tooth to fall out is a funny idea – he will love that! I think it was just ready to fall out & he hadn’t noticed it was wiggly.

  3. Sarah Says:

    Glad to hear the kids are getting through it all ok. Hugs to you all.

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