Another birthday list

We were in the car, heading home from errands, and Fainjin started listing all the different Lego sets he would like to own.

“For Christmas and my birthday, can I have…” and he reeled off what sounded like a complete catalogue.  I was a bit confused by the Lion Cheating Pool, but later discovered it was the Lion Chi Temple.

“You’ll have to make me a list,” I told him.

“Or you could just remember,” he assured me confidently.  Bless.

“That’s too much for me to remember!” and I reminded him, “If you write a list, that doesn’t mean you get everything on the list, it just means we probably pick one from the list, ok?”

“OK!” he was fine with that – and it’s always been how it works in our house, so it was no surprise.  Of course, that doesn’t stop the kids from hoping they’ll get everything.  They are kids.

When we got home, he seized a piece of paper and a pencil and disappeared into his room with the Lego catalogue.  A short while later he was back with his list.  He showed it to me, then went through the catalogue pointing out all the things he hadn’t put on the list but still wouldn’t mind getting.

“Fainjin!  It sounds like you don’t need a list.  I can just buy you any Lego at all and you will be happy – is that right?”

He nodded seriously.  “You could just close your eyes and pick one, that would be fine.”

Then he thought for a bit.  “But you’d better open your eyes again and check the ages, ‘cos some of the boxes are only for 8 year olds and older, and I will only be seven.”

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