A quiet day

Yesterday was Pearl’s birthday party, which was a roaring success.  It was a pizza-and-movie night, and everyone had a great time, there were no sulks or spats but lots of laughs.

Everyone was late to bed, so when today turned out cold, rainy and windy I was secretly quite glad.

I let the kids wake up in their own time, and eventually we were all dressed and more-or-less moving.  We did have some quick errands to run.  We wrapped up warmly and ventured out.  I treated us all to morning tea at our favourite cafe – the kids had all done great jobs yesterday getting the house ready for the party, so it was hot chocolate all round.

Then we came home, grateful again for our central heating, and settled in the lounge.  Pearl wrote her thank-you letters, Fainjin played with the Lego, and Babess coloured in.  We watched the Muppet movie and another kids’ film too, then some cartoons.  I worked on a quilt.

No-one got boooored, I didn’t hear “what can I doooo” once, we all sang along to the Rainbow Connection, and it was bliss.

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