Gotta learn to swim!

Babess had her school swimming lesson today.  Mindful of her in-over-her-head experience while on holiday, I asked her how it went.  “OK,” she replied.  Uh-huh.

“How deep was the water?  Where did it come up to on you?” I asked, trying to get more detail.

“Oh, it was too deep, I had to stand right up on my tippy-toes,” she tried to demonstrate, “and it was too sore to keep doing that so I chose to sit on the step for the lesson.  But I got to play in the shallow water after,” she offered brightly.

Hmm.  She is a lot (about 20cm) shorter than most of her classmates.  I’m not familiar with how deep the learning pool is.  I need to chat with her teacher, I think!  I do know that the swimming instructors are very good though, so they’ll probably have her participating in due course.

Since she apparently can’t stand up even in the shallow end, it’s even more important for her to learn to swim!

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