We were heading home from shopping and visiting Nana & Poppa, and I reminded the kids that there were chores to do when we got home.  It has been a while since they had to do them, since we were away the last two weekends in a row.  They started reminding themselves and each other what their jobs are.

“I’m cleaning the toilet,” said Fainjin.  He does a decent job of it, too.

“I bacuum the kitchen and wash the… what’s those things called?  Skirting boards,” volunteered Babess.

“And help Fainjin dry the dishes,” I reminded both of them, and they groaned.

“I’ve got more jobs than you,” claimed Pearl.  “I clean the basin in the toilet, and the one in the bathroom, and I help with the dishes, and I make Mum and Dad – well, Mum – a cup of tea.  Sometimes.  When she asks me to.”

“What?!” Fainjin was most surprised.  “You make tea for Mum?”

“Yes,” said Pearl.  “When she asks me to.”

“Huh,” he shrugged.  “I thought that was Dad’s job.”

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