Be careful what you opt out of

Towards the end of last term, Babess had a couple of “sore tummies” requiring The Dad to collect her early from school.  I was out of town, and he mused ruefully that it hadn’t taken her very long to figure out a system for spending an afternoon at home with Daddy.

She hadn’t tried it for a while, but today I got a call from school.  Babess was in the sick room with an upset stomach.  I went to get her, and found her sitting happily with a book.  There was only half an hour until the end of the school day, so we collected her gear and prepared to wait for the other two to finish.  Babess was showing no signs of illness or distress, and I was less than impressed.  We sat in the library waiting, and she read books quietly.

I had a chat with her teacher, and it seems she was much more convincing during the day.  We both watched Babess merrily scooting around the playground and shook our heads.

Tonight was the Christmas party and prizegiving for Girls’ Brigade.  Fun, games, and banana splits were on offer.   But these things are not for those who have had – or say they had – sore tummies.  Miraculously recovered, Babess pleaded monumental unfairness.  I’m told she howled for 20 minutes after I left with Pearl and Fainjin for the festivities.  But I pointed out that we need her to rest and recover so she is well enough for other end-of-year activities, including one later this week.

Babess and I had a little talk about being tired, and being worried (particularly about swimming lessons, apparently), and how sometimes that can make us feel like we have a sore tummy, but it doesn’t mean we’re sick – and it’s better to tell the teacher or Mum that we’re worried and have a chat about that, than end up not going to parties later in the day.

Hopefully the message has got through that sore tummies are not a good escape hatch.

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2 Responses to “Be careful what you opt out of”

  1. zucchinibikini Says:

    You are brilliant to follow through. I have a very bad habit of caving in on these things…

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