Letter to Santa

Babess has very good handwriting and quite astonishing spelling for a child with only two terms’ schooling.  The other day she sat down and wrote a long letter to Santa, on the back of a piece of Christmas wrapping paper.

Ples Santa...

Ples Santa…

Here is the whole text, with her spelling:

Ples Santa ples can you get me lego frens boot with the dolfens and gerls mery chemes Santa your my best frend your not the werst I love you I now you hav been to my house come agen these ine day you like if you can’t come that’s orit if you can’t come I’ev got a bloun of you come and see it if you can my tree has ____ you can what Fainjin wants lego set that has Jaba the hat in the colled sopa markit What Pearl wad like a mgp skoter. Dad wod like kofy maker. Mum wod like                                   Pearl is going to werr rodof theress no time to mes it we will gev you a picha of Pearl wering rodof in her herr.

Some notes:

“ine” = any, “orit” = alright, “bloun” =balloon, “rodof” = Rudolph

I’m not sure what the Jabba the Hutt Lego set is about, some kind of market?  I wasn’t home for Babess to ask what I would like, so she left a blank space to be filled in later.  Pearl’s “reindeer” hairdo is a clearly much-anticipated Christmas tradition. Perhaps by next year Babess’ hair will be long enough to put up too!

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5 Responses to “Letter to Santa”

  1. Jill H Says:

    That’s lovely.

  2. juliecrombe Says:

    That letter is adorable! I love how kids can just be so cute with traditions!
    Please check out my blog and let’s follow each other!

  3. Stimey Says:

    She’s so cute! This is definitely a keeper!

  4. colorfulcharactersclub Says:

    Such a sweet letter! 🙂

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