Better watch out…

Today we spent much of the day at the British Museum, one of my very favourite places in London.

We started off at the Rosetta Stone, which Fainjin quite liked because he can write his name in hieroglyphs and finds it odd to think that people didn’t always know how to do that.  His class studied myths and legends last year, so he had funny comments about some of the statues in the same room – there were several Horus falcons, of which he remarked, “I thought Horus was the one with the smurf hat…”

No smurf hat.

No smurf hat.

One of the things I really like about Twitter is the contact with some amazing people – and one of my twitter-friends is an Egyptologist who has spent lots of time in the museum!  She gave me some real-time tips on what to see and where to look, which was great fun – rather like a treasure hunt.

I could spend hours looking at the Sutton Hoo treasure, but the kids were only interested in the 2-minute video showing how the ship was buried, so we wandered on.  The Egyptian mummies were a big attraction, but the thing Fainjin liked most was the mummified crocodile.

We were all entranced by the Assyrian Lion Hunt friezes, and Babess was very sad.  “Why are they killing lions?” she asked.  “Do they eat them?” We assured her that the lions weren’t being killed for meat, and she found that incomprehensible.  “They were killing lions because they [the lions] were big and strong,” Pearl suggested.  Babess found that simply outrageous.  “That‘s not a reason!”




We decided to move right along…

The crushed head of a lady from Ur, with fancy headdress still entangled, was grotesquely fascinating.

The kids were itching to spend some of their pocket money in the museum’s excellent gift shops, so we eventually made our way out through halls of Greek vases.  Babess asked where Herakles was, and I was able to say “right here!” as we had stopped next a vase depicting him and Apollo.

“You’d better watch out,” Fainjin cautioned us, “… they forgot to put their undies on.”

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