Quick days

Today we visited the Science Museum.  I’ve always loved its collection of model polyhedra and glass klein bottles, but the children found these only mildy entertaining.  They were vastly more enthusiastic about the interactive area.  Babess helped construct an arched bridge – then happily walked across it; Fainjin was drawn back again and again by the granules of dry ice dropping into a pool of water and smokily whirling across its surface; and Pearl attempted lots of puzzle-type activities.

We also got to see a water-rocket demonstration, which was great fun. It is the last week before half-term (a one-week school holiday) here, and it seems to be the week every school takes a trip within London.  Yesterday we were surrounded by schoolchildren at the British Museum, and today they were all at the Science Museum. Nonetheless, there’s plenty of fun to go around.

As we were walking back to our accommodation to get ready for a playdate & dinner with friends, Babess mused, “The days in London seem to go very quickly.  They go slower at home, but here they go really fast.  Which is strange, because days are the same length wherever you are.”

“Perhaps it’s because our days here are really busy,” I suggested, “they seem to go faster.”

“Mmmm,” she said neutrally, clearly not giving that idea much credence. But she wasn’t overly concerned.  “We’ll probably get used it in a little while.”

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