Pomp and circumstance

We had a royal kind of day today.

We started at Buckingham Palace and regaled the kids with stories of royal weddings and family gatherings on the central balcony.  Then we walked through St James’ Park eating icecreams and admiring the police horses as they passed by.  We could hear a brass band, and see a crowd of people up towards Horse Guards Parade.  We were heading there anyway, wanting to catch the changing of the Horse Guards at 11am.  It was half an hour early at least for the assembly we saw to be that… and in any case there were very few horses.

A knowledgeable gent standing nearby told us we were watching an early rehearsal for the Trooping of the Colour, “just the foot regiments today” but still about 950 of them including the brass bands.  It was most impressive, and we watched for a good 45 minutes.  Babess looked at me at one point and remarked, “They really are very good at standing still!”.

We walked around to Whitehall just in time to catch the end of the changing of the Horse Guards on the other side of the building, so everyone was happy and satisfied.

From there it was on to the Elizabeth Tower (which houses Big Ben, which as Babess will tell you is the name of a bell) and the Houses of Parliament.  Fainjin quite liked the big statue of Richard the Lionheart.

The Thames River Service trip from Westminster to Greenwich takes about an hour and was enlivened by a humorous and informative running commentary from the captain.  It was a most enjoyable way to see several landmarks from a different vantage point and give our poor feet a rest!  We returned to the central city by Docklands Light Rail, which gave yet another perspective and set of interesting views.

My feet are aching.  The children are exhausted.  Tomorrow is our last day in London, and we haven’t even scratched the surface.

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One Response to “Pomp and circumstance”

  1. Stimey Says:

    Sounds like fun! I hope your footsies survive!

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