Ever onward

On our last day in New York City, we packed our bags in the morning and took ourselves down to Penn Station where we left them with Amtrak while we went wandering until our mid-afternoon train.

A short time after that, The Dad suddenly asked, “Fainjin, where are your glasses?”


Fainjin is not very good at wearing his glasses, and is forever leaving them at home.  “I don’t know,” he replied.  We sent a text to our accommodation, asking them to look out for a child’s glasses.  They replied that they had found his swimming bag & goggles (facepalm!) but no glasses.  I have been scouring our photos of NYC since, trying to figure out the last time we had them for certain.  I now have a terrible feeling that he put them in his raincoat pocket on the Highline, and they fell out somewhere after that.

It is possible that the glasses are lurking in one of the bigger backpacks (we’ve thoroughly searched the smaller ones), so we will have to sort through them carefully.

Meanwhile, Fainjin tends to fall up stairs and bump into things every so often.  We have a spare pair of glasses back in NZ so he can have those to go back to school when we get home.

We walked around the Empire State Building area for a while, its top as ever lost in the mist, so we didn’t go up.  Eventually we got sick of touts asking whether we wanted to go up, so we moved further away and went souvenir shopping.  We found an actual coffee shop and had refreshments – The Dad was so grateful to have a non-burned, non-overheated, non-watery latte that he went up and thanked the barista afterward. But the place was no refuge from the noise and bustle outside, with loud music blaring and people rushing in and out relentlessly.  We ended up out on the street again before we got to discuss what to do next.

What to do next turned out to be “explore the area some more while looking for lunch”.  We found ourselves in Greeley Square, which has lots of food stalls which looked very interesting to the grownups but not so much to the kids.  Then The Dad had an idea that he might remember a place in 34th Street, so we headed along there.  The place he was thinking of was no longer there (or perhaps it was somewhere else to begin with), but it was fortuitous because we wound up outside Mendy’s Deli, which was an excellent place to stop for lunch.  I tried Matzoh Ball Soup for the first time in my life, and it was delicious.

From there it was back to Penn Station to wait for our train, then a couple of hours or so to Baltimore to pick up a rental car.  We were incredibly glad and relieved to arrive at our friends’ house, be fed, and crawl into our beds!

We'll take home misty memories of skyscrapers

We’ll take home misty memories of skyscrapers

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