Chillin’ (not literally)

Yesterday was very very hot again.  We were meant to go berry-picking with friends, but all decided that the weather was not conducive to outdoor activities AT ALL.

Instead we (three families) gathered at one house, the kids played and watched movies and got on very well indeed while the parents chatted and enjoyed each others’ company, then we went to the berry farm’s own restaurant for dinner, which was excellent.  Babess was particularly impressed that “jello” was an option for a side dish (not just on the kids’ menu, either).  She had chicken nuggets and raspberry jelly for dinner, and a cup of fresh-picked strawberries for dessert, and was in her own little heaven.  The restaurant made plain white toast with butter & jam for fusspot Fainjin, so he felt very well catered-for as well, he also got jelly but we called it dessert in his case.  Pearl, having had a grown-up meal, was allowed a small sundae for dessert and was over the moon.  The waitress did very well, keeping track of all sorts of odd orders at random-ish times during the meal and entertaining the six kids and listening to their stories.  It was a lovely relaxed and fun evening.

Today we took the kids to see the house we used to live in, and marvelled at how high the trees have grown.  We’re not really in contact with any of our old neighbours, so it was just a drive-by.  Then we went to a pet shop.  It might sound like an odd tourist attraction, but pet shops in America have the most amazing creatures.  There was a chinchilla, and of course hamsters and guinea pigs (no gerbils at this one though, Stimey!).  But what we really came to see were the snakes and spiders.  We saw a ball python all curled up in… well, a ball, I suppose.  And there were three different sorts of tarantula, which Fainjin found fascinating and Pearl found appalling.  We were amused to see on the information signs that two said “avoid handling” but one said very definitely “do not handle” – I’m guessing that’s the more venomous of the trio!  There was a chameleon, and lots of exotic lizards.  There were also lots of budgies, labelled “parakeets”. Which they are, I guess.

Fainjin loved watching all the fish, especially the teeny-tiny sharks.

Today’s weather has been cooler, thank goodness.  We might be able to go outdoors again tomorrow.

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