The story continues… Elsa’s escape

You will recall that last night, Babess had left off with the unicorns debating how to get flying powers – from birds, or from their friend Kate – so they could rescue Elsa from the Princess’ clutches, now that they have apparently despatched the robbers.

We had lots to do today, so not much was written, but here it is:

… but what kind of flying powers um yeah Good Quistion I think its Pixi dust really well she’s about to touch Elsa so lets stop argueing and just fly c’mon and lets use the pixi dust and fly the veiw from up here is Amazing isn’t it

Yeah and theres the Palace I see the Princess Elsa here fly first you need some pixi dust that my frends Gave me.

Wow I’m actully flying but who are your frends

Kate and Mea [note: not Mia, who is a unicorn sister, this is a different person] I now those two we all played together

Oh I can’t forget that the other ten plays with us too.

I don’t know about you, but I have many questions. Who are Kate & Mea? Where did they get pixie dust? Who are the “other ten”? What would be so terrible about being a princess’ pet? Are the robbers truly vanquished?

Luckily, we are only half-way through page five, and Babess has told me the story will be eight pages long. That’s how much paper she has (although of course I would always give her more).

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