The end… or is it?

Babess wrote quite a lot more today, but I sense the story has got away from her a little bit. Her handwriting is getting sloppier and there’s no clear way forward.

Yeah but who will give the Princess A pet Maybe Gabbie Yeah maybe though not sure though yeah I think Gabbie would do it but she better give her a pet today yeah why because the Princess wants her new pet today Oh right why today because she hasn’t had her new pet in days ooh. kay I just love geting back my frends. Now lets go to our stable oh and your mother is gonna want you elsa come get your nice owner now the princess must have been mean to you yeah she was so mean. I wanted you to rescue me she was very horible. How did you get to the hiddin tower so fast we flew and we had a spare map of it the robbers stole the bronze one but we still had the silver and gold. you now what happened to the robbers we called the police and they put the robbers in jial so there we go that’s all well all for today yes that’s all no um I – all for story no it’s not all for the story but if that’s all when the end eeeeeer, I don’t now anyone now where the end is no, no, yes, no, never, ever. Okay who said yes i’m gesing it was mia yeah, it was me

So. Gabbie is going to make a pet for the horrible princess, and Mia knows when the end is coming (it’s on page 8, and we’re only on page 6, so there must be more action to come).

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