Life is hard when you’re young

I had annoyed Babess greatly this morning, and she was stomping grumpily (and sniffling) alongside me as we walked towards the supermarket. I mentioned that we were going to a cousin’s birthday party in the afternoon.

“I hate babies!” she declared. This is demonstrably untrue, but I chose not to contradict her directly.

“You used to be baby, you know. You were quite cute at it.”

She harrumphed and kept stomping. Then she said, very passionately, “I hated my life as a baby, and I hate my life now!”

Oh. I was really in her bad books. “What did you hate about being a baby?” She hadn’t really seemed that dissatisfied at the time, as I could recall.

“Being so YOUNG!” she wailed.

Well, you can’t argue with that.

It turned out that what she hated about her life now was having such a mean mum. She’d got over it by the time we got to the supermarket. Whew.

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