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Hands off

May 14, 2013

Babess went with her daycare on a trip today.  “Where did you go?” we asked her.

“We went to the museum,” she informed us gravely.  “And do you know what we had to do there?”

“No,” we answered.  Perhaps they had done craft activities there, participated in one of the interactive displays, “dug up” the dinosaur “bones”?

“Not touch anything!” came the answer.

Rather an old-fashioned museum visit then.  The Dad and I shared a grin.  We think the teachers are very brave to take half-a-dozen or more preschoolers on a museum visit at all!

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October 9, 2012

Daycare are having a cake stall this week, along with an open day.  I was wondering aloud what at make, when Pearl offered to make a chocolate cake.  “Me too!” said Fainjin, and “Me too!” chimed in Babess.

“OK then, off you go,” I said, and watched them do it.  Pearl assembled all the ingredients, occasionally asking me for help when she couldn’t reach something or wasn’t sure.  Fainjin and Babess squabbled a bit over the best position to watch from, but soon enough things were peaceful and productive.

Pearl measured and sifted the dry ingredients, and added the wet.  She encouraged the younger ones to help her count the measures and stir the batter.  I lined the cake tin for her and helped scrape the batter into it.

I was pretty impressed.

They all scampered off to play with the Lego.  I put the cake in the oven, set the timer, and called them back to tidy up the kitchen!

I’ve added 3 batches of fudge (it always sells well) and one of Moro Bar Crisp to the our contribution.  Let’s hope the hungry hordes descend with open wallets.

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August 15, 2012

Our daycare provides morning and afternoon tea and a cooked lunch for the children.  They are very good meals, and children with allergies, intolerances, and other requirements are well catered-for.  They also give the children the opportunity to try food they might not get at home, for whatever reason.

For example, I’ve never been keen on tinned beetroot, so it’s not something we have in our pantry.  You can imagine my surprise when one of Babess’ teachers mentioned that Babess is quite a fan of the stuff.  Apparently she will sit and munch slices until it’s all gone.  I had noticed some clothes coming home stained red, but had assumed they were playing with dye or red paint that day.

I asked Babess about it, and she said yes, she loves beetroot!  And when we were next making a shopping list, she asked me to get her some.  So of course I did.

Tonight on the bus home she was telling me how much she likes white sauce.  That’s another thing I’ve never been all that keen on – I don’t mind it, but I don’t make it for myself as a choice either.  Babess tells me she loves it, and she knows how to make it.  It’s not just ordinary white sauce, though.  “You have to put green stuff in it.”

“Parsley?” was the only green stuff I could think of to add to white sauce.

“No,” she corrected me firmly.  “Lettuce.”

That’s going to be a funny-tasting white sauce, I reckon.

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I don’t want to go…

August 12, 2012

Babess has been reluctant to go to daycare in recent weeks.  She has a great time when she gets there, but she tells us she doesn’t want to go, she wants to stay with Mummy all the time, and she clings to us when we drop her off.  We’ve been talking to her teachers about it and making sure she is happy there and getting the support she needs, which she is.

Then she got a bug.  On Wednesday just after lunchtime we got the dreaded call, and she came home looking terrible.  “Mummy.  I’m sick,” she declared resentfully when she saw me.  She spent the rest of that day and all of the next tucked up in blankets feeling yuck but wondering why we were so mean as to deprive her of interesting food.

There is a 48-hour stand-down from daycare, so she was home for the rest of the week. Fully recovered on Friday, she quite enjoyed pottering around home with Mummy, helping with the housework by washing down all the kitchen cupboards and vacuuming the kitchen, hallway and lounge.

She clearly figured out she was on to a good thing.  “Mummy, I am going to be sick on Monday.” “But you’re not sick any more, you’re fine.  You just can’t go to daycare today.”  “No, I’m not sick today, and I’m not sick on Saturday and Sunday home-days.  But I’m sick on Mondays and other daycare days.  OK, Mummy?”

This could make Monday morning interesting…

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March 29, 2012

Babess is pretty good about not taking toys to daycare these days.  She often takes one to cuddle in the car, and leaves it in her carseat “to looker after it” for the day.

But the past couple of days she has wanted to take her toy dragon “Dragy” into daycare with her.  “I just take him there and then you can take him away in your bag, ok Mama?  And he can looker after you.”

And so I end up with a brightly-coloured toy dragon in my handbag, lookering after me.

This morning as I arrived at work, I met our deputy CEO in the lift.  We exchanged pleasantries, and then he said, “I see you’ve brought your own toys today, Kate”.

Dragy was sitting up looking out of my bag!

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March 8, 2012

I got a phone-call at work today, from daycare.  My heart sank.  Usually these calls mean someone is sick.  But the teacher hastily said, “There’s nothing wrong!  I’m calling to tell you about something sweet that Babess did today.”

Babess was with a small group of children on a trip this morning and they were walking through town.  A woman was sitting on the footpath with a sign in front of her.  Babess and some of the other big girls are getting quite interested in words and reading, and they asked their teacher to tell them what the words on the sign said.

They said, “I have no income and no food.  Please help me.”

Babess was quite concerned by this.  She thought for a little bit, and – knowing that they would have morning tea when they reached their destination – asked the teacher what food they had.

“Well, we have some crackers…” replied the teacher.

“Can we please give the lady some crackers?” asked Babess.  Touched, the teacher gave her a bag of crackers, and Babess took them and gave them to the woman.  “Now she won’t be so hungry for a little while,” Babess told her friends.

Apparently the look on the woman’s face was priceless, too.

Afterwards, the teachers had a little chat with the children about approaching strangers in the street, and how it’s ok as long as the adult you’re with has said it’s ok (which is what had happened in this case) but you do have to check first.

Then the teachers called us to tell us about Babess’ charitable nature, and wrote it up for her profile book.

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February 17, 2012

When Fainjin started school, I was a little worried about how Babess would handle being at daycare “by herself”.  I thought she might miss him and feel a bit lost without him around all the time.

Instead, she has blossomed, revelling in being one of the “big girls”, and growing in confidence.

But Fainjin misses her.  He doesn’t say so, and he doesn’t mope or perhaps even notice it during the day, but when she gets home, he greets her with wild excitement.  He can’t wait to tell her about his day, read her his book, give her a hug.  He draws pictures for her (hardly ever for me!) – and not of dinosaurs, either.  He draws princesses because he knows she likes them.

We were at the library the other day, and he asked if we could look for “a Rapunzel movie for Babess”.

He’s such a sweetheart!

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January 31, 2012

It’s always a battle, making sure we come home from daycare with everything that went there in the morning.  And recently it has been very much a losing battle.

Two days in a row, Babess came home in borrowed shoes, because she had managed to lose her own somewhere in the centre.  We would look everywhere (well, clearly not *everywhere* or we would have found them, but everywhere we could think of at the time), and have several kids and a couple of teachers looking too, but no luck.  One time, Babess decided “They might be under the sand,” and grabbed a little spade; I was almost prepared to entertain the idea.

Today, though, we came out ahead.  She came home wearing the same shoes – and socks!! – that she had left the house in.  We also found another pair of socks, misplaced sometime in the past couple of weeks, and her sandals, which had been missing since the middle of last week.  I remembered to collect a plastic box I’d taken some cake for the teachers in, and we had no trouble finding her jacket and her Tigger toy to bring home.


Now we’re only missing one blue-and-white sock from last week, and a small plastic snack-box from this morning (which I forgot to even look for tonight – oops).

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Going Back

January 17, 2012

Fainjin finished at daycare just before Christmas.  He could have stayed on until he starts school in February, but we decided he should have a summer holiday like other school kids, so he has been hanging out with Pearl and playing with his Lego a lot.

Today, though, we needed to see the specialist about The Dad’s elbow, and it was going to be a long boring day full of long bus trips and waiting rooms.  We fixed Pearl up with a play date, and enrolled Fainjin back at daycare for a “casual day”.

He wasn’t all that keen.  “I’m finished at daycare!” he pouted.  Fair enough, too.  I tried to sell him on the idea of it being a special visit day, but he was still dubious.

Until we were nearly there, and he saw one of his friends also approaching daycare this morning.  They ran to each other, jumping and laughing with joy to see each other again.  Once we got inside, he settled right in.  The other kids made a bit of a fuss over him, glad to see him back, and he enjoyed their attention and being “the big kid”.

He had a much better day there than he would have if he’d come with us.

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November 28, 2011

Fainjin will finish at daycare in four weeks’ time.  He starts school in February, conveniently at the beginning of the school year, as his fifth birthday falls in the summer holidays.

A fifth birthday is a big deal, and so that he didn’t miss out due to awkward timing, we decided to have his “birthday” party at daycare about a month early.  He has been very excited and looking forward to it.  Babess is a little confused about whether he’s five now or not, but Fainjin himself had no such uncertainty.

He helped me carry the big bag in this morning, and we put his cake – a banana cake, as requested, and egg-and-dairy-free as required – in the kitchen.  He proudly presented the teachers with a jar of his own strawberry jam, which was duly served up on bread for morning tea.

We had discussed the party with him, and the possibilities for entertainment – we could get a storyteller or magician to come along, or organise another activity – but he knew exactly what his ideal party would be.  “I would like to play outside with my friends and watch [a certain Disney film] on DVD.”  Very easy to arrange, and daycare were happy to allow the DVD as a special treat.  He didn’t think Mummy or Daddy needed to be there for the cake and afternoon tea – “I’m fine with just the kids!” – but The Dad went along anyway (I just couldn’t get there) and tells me the banana cake was quite palatable (whew! add that recipe to the notebook).  There were five candles, and everyone sang “Happy Birthday”.  Daycare gave him a book, which he and his friend sat and read for ages but he forgot to bring it home.

He was a very happy boy when he came home and told me all about it.  Next week I’ll take him for his school visit, to meet his teacher and classmates for next year.  How quickly the pre-school years have passed!

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