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September 17, 2012

Recently The Dad and his team played in a football tournament nearby.  They had 90 min or so between shortened games, so I had said to invite anyone who wanted to come back to our place for a bite to eat or just a place to sit.  I was planning to make a nice slice for them to have with coffee if they felt like it.

The day was terribly windy, as spring days often are here, but fine enough.  Until the game was about due to start.  I looked out the window and it was pouring down!

Pearl and I swept into action.  She grabbed as many towels as she could find and deposited them by the front door for the team to dry themselves off as they came in.  I whirled around the kitchen wondering what on earth I could cook up that would be hot and quick – I had about 45 min before who-knew-how-many soaking wet and cold men would arrive.  I’d already made the sweet slice, but I didn’t think that would comfort them all that much.

I got some sausage rolls out of the freezer, and raided the fridge for soup ingredients.  Luckily I’d just been to the supermarket, so had some fresh chicken and plenty of vegetables, as well as pre-made chicken stock and crusty bread to go with it.

Pearl bustled around doing lots of little jobs, fetching and carrying, and always reappearing to ask “What needs doing now, Mum?”  I think she had been impressed by the ferocity of the downpour and was glad not to be out in it herself!  I set her to helping peel and chop some veges, and she watched me make the soup.

“So…  soup is just boiling water with stuff thrown in it?”

I thought that was a pretty good description of what we were doing!  It tasted pretty good to me, though, and the five cold wet footballers were incredibly grateful for their warm welcome.  I hear the rest of the team, who had demurred at the invitation, sincerely regretted that decision once they heard what they had missed!

For my part, I was very grateful for Pearl’s cheerful and willing help, and made sure she got full credit for it.

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Euro 2012

June 18, 2012

This morning The Dad turned on the tv so he could check on the two Euro 2012 games every so often.  It’s unusual to have the tv on in the morning in our house, so the kids were quite interested.

Fainjin, playing with his Lego because he was already ready for school, asked, “Mum, is this the All Blacks or the All Whites?”

“Well, it’s soccer,” I replied, “but it’s Germany versus Denmark…”

“The All Whites, then,” he said with an air of finality.  I told him that the All Whites are the NZ team, and they weren’t playing in this match, but I don’t think he really cared.

A little later, Babess was watching when Portugal scored their second goal (it was a cracker, too).  She is a generous soul, and was thrilled to cheer for any team.

“Yay!!! Go All Reds!”

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The Rugby Ball Cup

October 29, 2011

Babess and Fainjin, like many New Zealanders, have been caught up in the excitement of a large sports tournament over the past few weeks, which Babess has been calling “The Rugby Ball Cup”.  They didn’t want to watch much of the rugby, but enjoyed playing a pre-schoolers’ version at daycare, and seeing snippets of it on the news or pictures in the paper.

They came home yesterday abuzz with the news (from Sunday night) that “New Zealand won! We won the Rugby Ball Cup! The All Blacks won it!”

Amused, I asked, “And who’s your favourite All Black?”, knowing what answer I’d get.  Sure enough, Babess loyally yelled, “Siggy!”.

Fainjin frowned at her.  “Siggy plays soccer!”

“Yeah!” she said, still hyped up.

“But the All Blacks play rugby.  It’s the Rugby Ball Cup.  So Siggy’s not an All Black.”

“Awww,” she sighed.  “But Richie Meecaw is an All Black.”

“Yeah!” agreed her knowledgeable big brother.  “He’s the captain!  He made us win!”

So they danced around the kitchen cheering for Richie “Meecaw”, much to their parents’ amusement and bemusement.

(Don’t worry, Siggy, you’re still their favourite All White!).

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July 25, 2010

We took Fainjin and Babess along to pre-school football (soccer) this morning.  It was a lovely sunny morning, but cold.  The frost had disappeared from the field when we got there, but the ground was very heavy from the week of rain.

Babess gamely had a go with some ball skills, but kept trying to pick up the ball (perhaps she’d prefer rugby?), and was bothered by the mud (on second thought, she’d hate rugby!).  I wiped her runny nose at one point, and she begged for another tissue so she could clean her shoes…  Eventually she abandoned the class and played by herself on the concrete – there were plenty of balls to go around so it wasn’t a problem.

Fainjin did really well.  He quickly picked up the idea of standing in the line with one foot on the ball while listening to the instructions, was the first one to dribble his ball (uncontested) into the goal, and took great delight in nutmegging The Dad.  However, he wasn’t so keen when asked to don a coloured vest and play in a team.  He quickly lost interest when he didn’t have a ball to himself.  To be fair, he certainly wasn’t the only 3-year-old to feel that way!

And when Fainjin heard me say that Babess didn’t like the mud, he loyally claimed that he didn’t like the mud, either.  That didn’t stop them from bringing quite a lot home on their shoes and clothes, of course.

We haven’t decided yet whether to sign Fainjin up for a season.  We might wait until next “season”, which will be in spring-time, when it’s warmer, there’s less likelihood of games being called off, and there will be less mud.

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It’s in the blood

July 8, 2010

If Fainjin ever thinks there’s a chance the television might be turned on, he asks to see “Mickey Mouse” – we get a children’s TV channel which they’re sometimes allowed to watch.

Recently, there’s been more football than anything else on our TV.  And, hey, didn’t the All Whites do well?!  One of only two unbeaten teams in the tournament, as it stands after the semi-finals.  Since they got knocked out, The Dad and I haven’t been getting up at 2am any more, but we have been watching the 6:30am games as the family gets ready for the day.

Fainjin in particular seems to have enjoyed the games.  He’s been quite enthusiastic about running in to the bathroom to tell his Dad (in the shower), “Goooooaaaaaal!!!”

I heard The Dad ask, “Orange goal or blue goal?”  There was a dramatic pause.  I called out “Orange!  Orange!” but they didn’t hear me.  Fainjin decided to make it up.  “Ummm…. bwue.”  I sent him back with a correction, and just a couple of minutes later with “‘Nuvver owange goal, Daddy!”  Well done, the Netherlands.

At daycare, we’re told, some children were kicking a ball around.  Toddler kicks, boot it and watch it.  Fainjin – we’re told – dribbled it.  The Dad is very proud.

And then he came home, wandered in to the lounge and said, “Mummy, can we watch da soccer?”  What, no more Mickey Mouse?

Now we have to find a pre-school football league, I suppose.

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Strange things that amuse small children, number 547

June 29, 2010

I heard hysterical laughter coming from the lounge, where The Dad was watching an early-morning World Cup game and Fainjin and Babess were keeping him company.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“Dey’re – hahahaha! – bouncing da ball – hahahahaha! – on dere… heads!” shrieked Fainjin, collapsing in giggles while Babess held her sides and laughed heartily, “On da heads!”

Who knew headers could be so rich in comedy?

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On the bus again

June 24, 2010

This morning, The Dad was of course watching Australia’s last pool match in the World Cup (and sadly, it turned out to be their last match at all in this World Cup).  I needed to be at work before he would get to town, so I volunteered to take one child on the bus with me.  Fainjin said, “Me, me, me!”

As I was getting him ready, Babess started saying “Me too!  Me bus too!”

“I can really only take one of you…” I started.

“No! You take two!” she retorted.  Who says she can’t count?

So I thought about it and decided that if they were both keen to come, then I could probably handle them.  It’s only if they’re reluctant that things get tricky.  And so the three of us squeezed onto a full bus (a kind person gave us a seat, which helped a lot), and made our way through town.  It was just like the old days.

The All Whites’ last pool match is tomorrow morning our time, 2am.  We’ll be getting up again to cheer them on.  They have done so amazingly well, hopes are high that they can take it even further.  Fingers crossed!

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Nearly new

June 21, 2010

I can’t believe it’s a whole year since this.

Yes, we had a wonderful day yesterday.  I played music at church while the Dad (who had been up until 4am the night before, watching Australia play football) cleaned the house.  When I got home, he continued working; I iced the cake and organised the rest of the food.  We had a small(ish) family afternoon tea for Babess, at which she received a baby doll, bottles for the baby doll, a handbag, pink clothes and several books.  In short, a perfect birthday!

This morning, her actual birthday, she got her presents from us and overseas relatives – more books (you all know us so well!), and our gift was a doll push-chair, which was a HUGE hit.  She wouldn’t eat breakfast because she was too busy pushing her baby around the house, and tonight after bedtime I heard her saying, “Fainjin, helpu me, helpu me?”  I went in to find her with the pushchair half pulled into her cot!  She was asking him to help her lift it in with her.  She was very disappointed when I told her she couldn’t sleep with it.

So now, by popular demand (it is so, Stimey is very popular!), a picture of the cake:

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Go the All Whites!

June 20, 2010

We had a great day today.  We had an afternoon tea to celebrate Babess’ last day of being 1.  I made a cake, and decorated it with her favourite book character.

But I’ll write about it tomorrow.  Tonight, I need to go to bed early.  I need to be up at 2am to see our team take on the mighty Italy!

And then I’ll need to be up at 6:30 to watch Babess open her presents, and get the family ready to get out the door for school/daycare/appointments.

C’mon All Whites, give me a reason to be too excited to sleep after the game!

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