Relay for Life 2011

29 March: We did it!  We raised over $3000!  For details, and photos, visit this post:

7 March: Dear anonymous person who sponsored each of us for a tidy(!) amount, thank you so very much!  We wish we knew who you were, so we could thank you properly.  Your generosity has helped our team to pass our first target and set an even higher one.  Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

29 January:

My nephew, a young (not quite 16) man of whom I am immensely proud, has organised a team to run in this year’s Relay for Life.  Check out that website, it tells you what it’s all about and what goes on during the relay.

My first thought was that Pearl might like to join the team.  Hard on the heels of that thought followed, “I could join the team!”  So The Dad and I will run/walk too.  And I was right, Pearl did like to join the team.

My family has been touched kicked by cancer several times, and so have too many of my friends.  The Cancer Society have been there when we needed them, and do an outstanding job.  We’ll be running and walking in memory of those we have lost, and in support of those who are struggling – cancer survivors, patients, their families and their friends.

If you would like to donate to this cause, and know us in real life, email me and I will give you our team details.  Otherwise, how about supporting your local Relay for Life?  They are all over the world!  You could even join a team, or organise your own…

What would you be supporting?  In New Zealand (info provided by the Cancer Society NZ):

$10 will enable the Cancer Society (CS) to provide people affected with cancer with important support and resources

$15 will help fund the CS volunteer driving service (free service to those undergoing cancer treatment – they are picked up by volunteer drivers, taken to their appointments and the volunteers wait for them and take them home again)

$20 will contribute to the free CS phone line 0800CANCER – any cancer any question

$50 will help CS offer counselling and support to people with cancer and their caregivers

$100 will help CS make schools SunSmart and work towards a smokefree NZ

$150 will assist CS in supporting people with their accommodation when they have to travel for treatment

$500 will help fund vital cancer research in to the causes and treatments of cancer

ALL DONATIONS no matter how large or small help – TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE!!!

© UpsideBackwards 2011.


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