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Boxing Day

December 26, 2011

After a quieter-than-usual Christmas where it was “just us” – or not even that, as Pearl has stayed with her grandparents – for the afternoon, today was very peaceful.  Fainjin and Babess played happily with their new toys all day long, every so often going to the laundry-basket full of presents and rediscovering another new amusement.

It was a day for opening boxes – of lego, puzzles, toys.  The new scooter and bike are still in their boxes, though.  Despite the brilliant weather, today was spent mostly inside.  I was grateful; the sunburn risk for my little redheads was extreme, and besides, with The Dad out of action the task of assembling the bike would fall to me… it still will, of course, it’ll just be another day.

Fainjin came into the kitchen to “help” me make some ice-cream, and when I noted that we hadn’t heard from Babess playing in the lounge for a few minutes, I sent him to ask if she was ok.

I heard, “Babess, are you ok?  Are you ok?  Babess, are you ok?”

He came back into the kitchen.  “She didn’t answer me!”

“Oh. Is she awake?”

“No!”  Which would explain the lack of answer, perhaps.

The Dad, having overheard from another room, went to look and reported that she had settled on a cushion, having dragged out a blanket, and dozed off on the lounge-room floor.

That’s the kind of day it was.

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