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Snails and puppy-dog tails

January 27, 2013

Pearl & Fainjin were walking with  me, home from the supermarket, and conversation meandered as it does.  Fainjin said something about dinosaurs, and Pearl erupted in frustration.

“Dinosaurs! Nothing but dinosaurs!  Don’t boys ever think of anything else?!”

Fainjin, lost in a world of his own (full of dinosaurs, no doubt), didn’t seem to hear her.

“Oh, I’m sure Fainjin thinks about other things,” I said mildly.  “He likes spaceships, for example…”

Fainjin’s ears pricked up at the word “spaceships”.  “Yeah!  Rockets and aliens!”

“What else do you think about, Fainjin?” I encouraged him.

“Crocodiles.  Sharks.  Lego.  Snakes.  Dinosaurs.”

Pearl gave us a disgusted look, and we walked on.

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