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How times change

April 29, 2012

When I was little, I remember having an old Bakelite dial telephone to play with.  My sister and I would have pretend conversations with all sorts of people.

When Pearl was a toddler, she was given a chunky toy cellphone as a gift.

About four years later, Fainjin was given a much slimmer toy cellphone, with a colour screen, holographic pictures and more ring tones.

Babess was playing with that one today – she has such realistic half-conversations, sometimes it’s hard to remember it’s a toy phone – when Fainjin came up and asked to have it.

“I’m talking!” she protested.

“But I want to play Angry Birds!” he countered.

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Sign of the times

November 15, 2010

When I was small, I had an old rotary-dial phone to play with.

All my children have their own toy cellphones.  I find it amusing that they have all carried on fluent conversations on them – with appropriate pauses – well before being able to talk back to a doting grandmother on a real phone.

But there have been generational advances even between the children.  Yesterday, Babess opened her toy cellphone, held it up in front of her towards The Dad, and said “Smile!”

It makes me wonder what my grandchildren’s toys will look like…

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