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A creative solution

April 10, 2011

We have coloured plastic plates from IKEA that the kids use.  There are six, all different colours, which looks lovely but causes arguments all the time because inevitably at least two children will want the same colour.

The rule is: whoever asked for the colour first, gets it.

Today Babess asked for the green plate for her lunch.  Then Fainjin decided he wanted the green plate.  There were tears.  There was howling.  Fainjin tried to get Babess to take the green bowl instead of the plate.  We offered him a green cup.  More tears, more howling.  I was becoming quite annoyed with the tantrum when he came up with his own rather intelligent solution.

He asked us to put the blue plate on top of the yellow plate because then it would look green.

So we did, and it did, and he ate his lunch quite happily.

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October 26, 2010

One of Pearl’s birthday presents, from her best friend at school, was a packet of “heirloom” sunflower seeds.  Apparently they have many flower heads on each stem, with colours like red, chocolate, yellow and orange, sometimes all on the same flower.

Quite often we just sow sunflower seeds directly into the ground in our ex-vege patch (now mostly devoted to flowers), but since they’re special seeds and we’re not home to look after them, I got a seed tray and some special mix so we could do things properly.  By the time they’re big enough, we should be home again to transplant them into the garden.

The packet says there are 20 seeds, and I got a seed tray with 20 little pottles.

I sowed 2 seeds per pottle, and I think there are about 35 seeds left in the packet.  I guess the seed company didn’t want anyone to feel shortchanged!  We should have a great crop of lovely sunset-coloured flowers in a couple of months, though.

© UpsideBackwards 2010.

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