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Praise unlooked-for

July 20, 2012

Twice this week I have had people I don’t know very well tell me lovely things about Pearl.

On Tuesday she went to play at a friend’s house – but this time it was at the friend’s Dad’s place, instead of her Mum’s.  Her Dad has a new partner, and it was this lady I was talking to on the phone afterwards.  “Pearl is so wonderful,” she told me, “just lovely to have over, she can come any time.  She’s so polite and plays so well, and so encouraging to [her friend]”.  I told her truthfully that I feel the same way about her step-daughter, and how happy I am that the two of them are such good friends.  And I glowed a bit in the reflected praise, it is really nice to hear someone else say how good your kids are!

Tonight The Dad and I went out and left the children with a new babysitter.  I have met her before, but don’t know her all that well.  When we got back she said, “The kids were great, no trouble at all, and Pearl made everything so easy.  She was wonderful, really helpful and sweet.”

I can’t think of anything nicer to hear.

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