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Tap, tap… is this thing still on?

January 23, 2017

I haven’t posted here for a long time for lots of reasons. For some of those reasons, I think I will now use this blog mostly to write about my craft projects. Posts will probably be quite sporadic, and I make no guarantees!

I have just finished my first project for 2017. I started crocheting a Lorenz Manifold in September 2016, after hearing Dr Hinke Osinga talk about it at the MathsCraft Festival in Auckland. I worked at it fairly steadily for quite a while, then needed to take a break to finish a blanket I wanted to give as a Christmas gift. But I picked it up again, and over the long Wellington Anniversary Weekend I’ve made a push to get the last three rounds (3,200 stitches) completed.

Lorenz Manifold, unmounted

Lorenz Manifold, unmounted

I’m not 100% certain that I’ve marked out the wire guides correctly (you can see them as yellow lines), so I need to check those before I go any further. I’ve sewn in and trimmed all the ends, so it’s ready to go. I’ll post photos of the wired-up final final final product when it’s done!


Crafty Babess

October 30, 2012

Babess’ asthma is playing up at the moment, and she was too wheezy to go to daycare today so we had a day together.  It was a gloriously sunny day, and I had to spend the morning in another village – mostly waiting around.  It was not at all onerous, given the weather.  We pottered around together, inspecting cafes and the library and the garden centre.

We stopped for morning tea at the cafe inside the garden centre, and I pulled out my latest crochet project while I had my cup of tea.  Babess finished her fluffy and tiny cupcake well before I was done, of course, and started fidgeting and asking to leave to find a playground.  Just because she can’t breathe very well is no reason to stop running around, in her book.

“How would you like to do some crochet too?” I asked.

“Oooh yes!” she does like to be grown-up, and I am working with lovely bright colours she finds very appealing at the moment.  I gave her a large hook and a length of my yarn, and showed her how to make a chain.

She struggled with it, as I had expected, but persevered for a while.  Then she decided to cut off a shorter length.  She spent the next twenty minutes or so “measuring” yarn, wrapping and unwrapping it around her hook, tying knots in it, and cutting it into little pieces.  Every so often I’d give her a length of a different colour.

I got to finish my tea and my afghan block, and she had a great time.  I might have to get her a ball of yarn of her own soon, lest she cut all my stash into 1-inch lengths!

© UpsideBackwards 2012.

Dinosaur hat!

June 19, 2012

I’m pretty pleased with this, given that I didn’t really have a pattern and just made it up as I went along.  More importantly, though, Fainjin is very pleased indeed.

© UpsideBackwards 2012.


June 14, 2012

Brrr!  We’ve had a definite change in the weather lately, and a nasty cold snap this week.  I have been crocheting hats – pretty shell-stitch ones for the girls in shades of pink and green, and a quick-but-warm one for myself.

As I worked on the flower to adorn Babess’ hat, I asked Fainjin whether he would like me to make him a hat, too.

“Yes!” he agreed, then looked at what I was doing. “But not a pink one.  And no flowers.”

Fair enough.  It’s a few years since he asked me to make him a pretty dress, after all.  “What colour hat would you like, Fainjin?”

“I want a dinosaur hat!  With spikes!”

Ummm.  OK, then.  This is no time to ruin the illusion that Mummy can do anything.  We had a look on the internet, and he decided he wants one like this – only bigger, obviously, since that’s a newborn hat.  We discussed the merits of “googly eyes” and he eventually decided he doesn’t want his dinosaur hat to have eyes.

There was a yarn sale at my favourite shop today, so I bought several balls of dinosaur-coloured yarn, and I have cobbled together a sort-of pattern from bits and pieces of other patterns, as is my wont.  Mostly I’m making it up as I go along.

When I’m done with that, Babess would like some gloves…

© UpsideBackwards 2012.

Pearl’s creations

January 28, 2012

Here is Pearl’s handiwork from the craft classes the other day.  She was keen to do some more crochet, so took her (my!) hook and yarn along.  The flowers are made of loops of chain stitch.  She has also made a necklace and some bracelets.

The two “rose” brooches are made by folding circles of fabric into quarters and sewing them together.

She had a great day, and has since been busy making necklaces and bracelets for all her friends!

© UpsideBackwards 2012.

Crochet lessons

January 9, 2012

I had been thinking of teaching Pearl, and possibly Fainjin, to crochet these school holidays.  They both seemed interested, and I thought it might be a fun thing to do one wet afternoon.

I hadn’t quite got around to it, but Pearl beat me to it.  She has obviously reached her limit when it comes to doing “nothing much” – or nothing much that requires actual thinking.  She had been reading a lot, and playing with her siblings, but in the last few days she has dusted off the Latin books and busied herself with translating some texts, and started asking me to teach her to crochet.

I started her off yesterday evening with a simple chain, using my largest hook and some bulky wool, and she chain-stitched away, unpicking it and starting over several times until it was even and a good tension.  She was very pleased to realise she could crochet and watch tv at the same time!

Soon enough I was able to show her a single-crochet stitch (or maybe double crochet, I use so many American patterns I forget which name is American and which the rest of the world uses!).  Today she practised more chains, over and over, then did several rows of single crochet.  Her little ball of wool is starting to get quite fuzzy from being re-crocheted all the time.  I’ll have to find her some more out of my stash.

At the rate she’s going, she may well have made herself a blanket by the time school goes back!

© UpsideBackwards 2012.

Crafts for the fair

November 2, 2011

As I have noted, it is school fair season, and this year I got sucked in offered to help with the craft stall.  I joined a group of very busy mothers who somehow found time to do lots more work than I did, putting together peg-doll kits, cutting pieces for soft toy kits, making aprons, sewing brooches, and screen-printing teatowels.

Mug cozy!

I made mug cozies. (And helped with some of the other stuff).  Now, I do quite a bit of craft, sewing and quilting and knitting and crochet and so on, but mostly I do it when the children are in bed or out of the house, whenever I get some “me time”.   It hadn’t occurred to me that the kids were missing out on seeing it.  They see the finished products, but not often the process.

Tonight I was finishing the last mug cozy before heading to the pricing-and-labelling night – the fair is this weekend – and the children were fascinated.  Pearl wants to learn how to crochet.  Babess couldn’t tear her eyes away long enough to go and put her pyjamas on.  Fainjin was sorting through the buttons trying to find just the right one (and arguing with Pearl over purple versus red).

I see crochet lessons for small people in our near future…

© UpsideBackwards 2011.

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