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Stuck in the chimney

December 13, 2011

“Mummy, did you know? In my house, in my street, I did get stuck in the chimney!”

“Did you, Babess? What were you doing in the chimney?”

“I was stuck in the chimney!”

“Yes, but what were you doing there in the first place?”


The Dad tries… “Why did you go up the chimney, Babess?”


Fainjin helps out, “Were you running away from a monster?”

Babess thinks about that.  “Noooo…  I was… running away… from a crocodile!  The crocodile in my house.  And I got stuck in the chimney.”

Fainjin is satisfied.  “So you were safe then.”


“You were safe from the crocodile.”

“Yes.  Cos I was up the chimney.  But my face was sticking out.”

“That’s good,” says Fainjin, as the parents bite their lips and wish they had a tape recorder on hand to save these conversations for posterity.

“Yeah, so everyone could talk to me.”

We never did hear how she got out again.  Perhaps, “in her street”, she’s still in the chimney.

© UpsideBackwards 2011.

Happy anticipation

November 9, 2011

When The Dad arrived at daycare at the end of the day, Fainjin and his friend were bursting with excitement.  They were going to have a playdate, they said, and Fainjin was going to his friend’s house for a sleepover!

“We’ll have to talk to your Mums about that,” The Dad said to them, stalling for time.

Oh no, the Mums had already talked to each other and it was all set up, he was assured.  They were convincing enough that The Dad called me on my cellphone to check the story.  I have never talked to this friend’s Mum, I didn’t even know her name!  We must come and go from daycare at different times.  So The Dad had to break it to the boys that Fainjin was coming home that evening.  He was disappointed, but still confident that “another day” this might happen.

Apparently the friend was heartbroken, having genuinely believed that Fainjin was going to his house that very evening.  We are working on a playdate for this weekend – although a sleepover is unlikely at this stage!

Meanwhile, Fainjin has been telling me of all the marvellous things he expects to find at his friend’s house.

“Do you know, he has pet crocodiles!”


“Yes! And it’s very dangerous to go in their cage. So he will go in their cage and bring them out so we can play with them!”

Hmmm. Perhaps this had better be a supervised playdate…  On the other hand, I wonder what sort of pets Fainjin has claimed to have here?

© UpsideBackwards 2011.

Never smile…

December 25, 2010

Yesterday was the highlight of our trip, as far as Fainjin is concerned.  Yes, the long-awaited trip to the crocodile farm!

Christmas Crocodile

The Christmas Crocodile... for exceptionally naughty children?

We saw lots of crocodiles, mostly salt-water crocs but one or two freshwater ones (Johnson’s River Crocodiles) too.  The tour guide was enthusiastic and amusing and pretty much put everyone off ever wandering near or around water ever again.  It’s amazing how a humungous crocodile can hide in knee-deep water.

Babess was quite concerned about one croc, which was just emerging from its lagoon.  “Dat cwocodile all wet!” her big eyes full of concern.  “He needs a towel,” she remarked seriously, to the amusement of all around us.

We saw crocodiles lunge out of the water to be fed, and snap at each other as well as the staff.  We were warned to keep fingers, chins, elbows and everything else on our side of the fence – and careless photographers who edged their cameras “just a little bit closer” were quickly reminded by staff.

croc feeding

Doesn't that fence look rather... flimsy?

At the end of the tour, there was a chance to pat or hold a baby crocodile.  Pearl gladly posed with it, but Fainjin didn’t want to.  “I don’t like crocodiles any more,” he explained.  “‘Cos crocodiles are scary and I only like nice animals.”

That was a bit of a worry, as we had sneakily bought him some birthday presents at the gift shop, but he has changed his mind again this morning and decided he still likes crocs after all.

© UpsideBackwards 2010.

Eat them before they eat you

November 18, 2010

Fainjin is especially excited about Christmas this year.  That’s to be expected – he’s nearly 4, just the right age for anticipation to set in.  He brings it up often.

But he’s not talking about Father Christmas coming, or getting presents, or even seeing Grandma and Grandad and his cousins.  Those are exciting, sure, and so is the fact that we are going on an aeroplane to Grandma and Grandad’s to spend Christmas with The Dad’s side of the family.  But they’re not the most exciting thing.

The most exciting thing is that The Dad has promised a trip to… (drum roll)… a crocodile farm!

Fainjin has been visualising this place since he first heard of it.  His eyes go wide as he tells us how the crocodiles go “SNAP SNAP!” and we’ll go the farm and see them eating the chickens.  At random times when we’re going out, he’ll ask “Are we going to the crocodile farm now?”

I wonder… there’s a cafe at the farm, serving farm produce… I wonder, whether we might find there, a cure for a fussy eater?

© UpsideBackwards 2010.

Not my idea of a good beach

August 19, 2010

Fainjin was adamant that he wasn’t going to daycare yesterday.  As we left home, and all the way in the car, and on the walk to the centre, he told me he wasn’t going.  When we got there, he lurked by the door, intent on escaping when The Dad and I left.

The conversation was something like this (you should imagine increasing desperation on his part):

“I not going to daycare!  I don’t want to go!  I want to see the water!”

“What water?”

“The beach!  I need to go to the beach!   I not going to daycare!  I going with you, to the beach.”

“I’m not going to the beach.  It’s cold and windy today.  Why do you want to go to the beach?”

“I want to go to the beach!  I not going to daycare!  I need to see the rockpools!”

“What… why the rockpools?”

“I need to see the crocodiles and sharks!”

Sometimes his Australian heritage comes out at odd moments, I suppose!

Not your average rockpool dweller

© UpsideBackwards 2010.

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