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Doctor… who?

October 11, 2012

The Dad and I are fans of Dr Who.  We missed a lot of the last series, for various reasons, but the new series has started on TV here now, and although we’ve missed a couple of episodes because we were in Australia, we’re keen to catch what we can.  We were discussing it in the car this afternoon, because I was going to be out for the evening and I wanted The Dad to tape it for me.

“What’s Dr Who?” someone in the back asked.  Probably Fainjin.

“It’s a grown-up tv programme,” we replied.

“Can we watch it?” Fainjin thought it sounded interesting.

“No, because it’s on late and it’s very scary for children.”

There was a little pause, and then Babess said, “Mum?”

“Yes, Babess?”

“I am very brave, you know.”

We had a little talk about how brave they all were but that the show is scary and not for children, even brave ones, that it might give them bad dreams, and anyway it doesn’t start until After Bedtime.

I went out, The Dad entertained the children, fed them, bathed them, read to them and put them to bed.

He was startled, having started the recorder and settled down to watch tv, to see a small figure standing in the doorway, thumb in mouth, curious eyes on the screen.

“Is that Dr Seuss?  Can I watch it?  I’m very brave.”  Babess was very earnest.

I wonder what Dr Seuss would have made of the Stone Angels?

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