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March 20, 2013

Unusually for us, we’ve had a long, hot, sunny and dry summer.  It has been magnificent!  But now we are suffering the consequences, and are in drought.

Everyone has been asked to conserve water, and there is a ban on using water outdoors – no hoses, sprinklers or watering cans.  It rained earlier this week, and everyone rejoiced! But it wasn’t enough to break the drought (although it did the garden some good), we will need a lot more for that.

The children have taken the “save water” message to heart – they’ve clearly been talking about it at school, and perhaps daycare too.  We have put a bucket in the shower to collect grey water that would otherwise go down the drain, and we have one in the kitchen too.  We can use this water in our garden.

Showers are now quicker and usually “sailors’ showers” – a quick rinse under the water, then turn it off while you soap up, then turn the water back on to rinse off.   The kids love this, they feel like they’re really doing something to help.

Yesterday the weather started clearing again, and I said to Babess, “Oh look, it’s stopped raining.”  Where she might have celebrated the return of fine weather, instead she looked stricken and said, “Oh no! The poor plants!”

If we don’t get more rain fairly soon, I might send her out to do a rain dance.

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