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Euro 2012

June 18, 2012

This morning The Dad turned on the tv so he could check on the two Euro 2012 games every so often.  It’s unusual to have the tv on in the morning in our house, so the kids were quite interested.

Fainjin, playing with his Lego because he was already ready for school, asked, “Mum, is this the All Blacks or the All Whites?”

“Well, it’s soccer,” I replied, “but it’s Germany versus Denmark…”

“The All Whites, then,” he said with an air of finality.  I told him that the All Whites are the NZ team, and they weren’t playing in this match, but I don’t think he really cared.

A little later, Babess was watching when Portugal scored their second goal (it was a cracker, too).  She is a generous soul, and was thrilled to cheer for any team.

“Yay!!! Go All Reds!”

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