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Who would’ve guessed?

February 10, 2012

Babess and The Dad arrived home a little early this evening.  Babess came running into the kitchen and said, “Surprise!”

Fainjin looked at her.  “You’re a princess,” he observed rather enviously.

“Yes!” said Babess.  “Because it’s…” she struck a pose “Face Painting Day!”

“Awww,” said her big brother.  “We don’t have Face Painting Day at school.”

Babess had a tiara on her forehead and a bracelet painted on her wrist.  After dinner, she had a shower and carefully washed them off.  As she wiped away the last traces with her facecloth, she beamed up at her father, and with the air of a magician opening the magic closet to reveal the hidden assistant, said, “See? It was me all the time!”

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