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A fine distinction

October 17, 2011

Packing for a family holiday in warmer climes, I dragged my sandals from the back of the wardrobe.  Babess was leaning over my shoulder, shadowing my every move.  She has always been keen on shoes.

“Mummy, your sandals are gorgeous!” she breathed.

“Really?” I regarded my several-years-old rather battered-looking summer footwear.

“Yes,” she explained patiently.  “Black sandals are gorgeous.”

“They’re blue actually,” I informed her, pulling them into the light so she could see.

“Oh,” she dismissed them.  “Then they’re not gorgeous.”

“Oooookay,” I wasn’t really bothered, just amused.

“No,” she said firmly.  “Blue sandals aren’t gorgeous, they’re beautiful.”

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June 18, 2011

This morning Babess had dressed herself with Pearl’s help, and was wearing a bright red cheongsam which had been Pearl’s (courtesy of a friend in Singapore).  She looked utterly gorgeous, especially with her hair pulled back in a pony-tail.

But as the morning wore on, she found she couldn’t pull her legs up under it as is her wont when tired, and started to get scratchy.  I suggested we find her something else to wear, and she agreed to tights and a dress.

We got the tights on her, and she picked a dress, but baulked at having a shirt underneath.  The dress is sleeveless and designed to be worn over warmer underthings, but she wasn’t having a bar of it.  “I like to be cold!” she insisted.

I was cold just looking at her.

Eventually after intense negotiation and insistence on both our parts, I wriggled her into a long-sleeved shirt.  We left the dress off, in the end – no problem since we weren’t planning on going out at all.

Next time I looked in on her and Fainjin playing in the lounge, she had added a winter hat to the ensemble.  It’s a knitted helmet with a pompom on top, and ear-flaps.  Quite a sight with t-shirt and tights.

“I like it because it keeps my ears warm,” she said.

© UpsideBackwards 2011.

“New” clothes

September 28, 2010

I sorted through Babess’ clothes last night.  She now fits most of the clothes that Pearl wore when she was about 18-24 months.  I am puzzled, though.  There seems to be a huge mountain of these clothes…  I think that Babess could wear a different outfit every day until she outgrew them.  How on earth did Pearl wear them all several times each?!

It is lovely to go through and re-discover some of my favourite outfits, though.  And even though Babess has firm opinions about what she should wear, she is very susceptible to flattery, and likes “new” things.  Today she went to daycare in “new” t-shirt, hoodie, jeans, socks and even shoes, preening and posing to show everything off to her friends and teachers.

The next few weeks are going to be great fun!

© UpsideBackwards 2010.

Mummy made it

September 9, 2010

Babess loves the little orange cardigan I made for her (you can see a glimpse of it in the “Baby Pigtails” picture), and whenever someone mentions it she holds out the sides and says very seriously, “Mummy made it”.

Sometimes she then goes on to claim I made her skirt, skivvy and tights, which can render her audience a little skeptical!

Fainjin loves his fire-engine pyjamas, but now also has an over-inflated idea of my sewing skills.  He is wont to ask for a new pair of pyjamas most evenings, all with different designs.  And if he can’t find a t-shirt he likes in the mornings, his answer is “You can make me one, Mummy…”

Pearl has a slightly better idea of what is possible, which is a great improvement since she was three and asked me to knit her a baby sister.  She has a school “disco” coming up in two weeks, and it’s going to be Fancy Dress.  She had some realistic suggestions for a horse costume that I could make… and was willing to consider being a cowgirl instead.  That’s still a possibility, but luckily for me her cousins are dancers and have lots of different costumes for us to check through first.

It’s nice that they all have such unshakable faith in my abilities, though.

© UpsideBackwards 2010.

New clothes, new shoes

September 1, 2010

We took Fainjin shopping yesterday.  He has grown, and all his trousers are flapping around – or more accurately, slightly above – his ankles.  I’d also realised that his shoes were slightly too small.  And all the “spare” hand-me-downs from various people that we had as backups were the same size.

So we found him three new pairs of pants suitable for daycare before his tolerance for trying on clothes expired.  Then we headed for the shoes.  He only tried on a couple of pairs, but luckily one pair fit and were considered acceptable.  I think the flashing lights helped.

As he walked to daycare this morning, I worried that he would fall or walk into something.  He was holding his new pants up above his ankles, walking stiff-legged, and staring at his feet to see the flashing lights.

© UpsideBackwards 2010.

Fire Engine Jammies

August 20, 2010

It’s not a pretty dress, but Fainjin was quite pleased.

Too excited to stand up straight!

In fact, he’s still wearing them.  He didn’t want to take them off, so he’s gone to bed in them, chalk marks and all.  I had intended to wash them, but never mind.

I’m quite proud of the piping on collar and pocket, I’ve never done that before.  I will confess to having sewn the collar on about a dozen different times and unpicked it again before I finally believed that the pattern instructions were correct and it would all work out… very much a learning experience!

And yes, there’s plenty of fabric left over.  I could make him and Babess matching dresses!

© UpsideBackwards 2010.

If he were Greek, Scottish, or Polynesian, it wouldn’t be controversial…

August 10, 2010

It’s a month since I made Babess’ dress.  I got the fabric for it for $2/metre on sale, and I have quite a lot of it.  I also bought the same fabric in a pink-y shade, intending to make several dresses for the girls.  I still intend to.  So far, Pearl and Babess have one dress each, and they love it when they’re both wearing them at the same time.

Fainjin was regarding the pair of them at the weekend, in their matching frocks, and said something about “Babess’ pretty dress”.  We chatted a little bit about it, then he said, “Mama, you make me a pretty dress too?”

Umm.  Well, I could.  No reason not to, really, except for convention.  I have made clothes for him before – shorts, jerseys, hats – but in the light of the pretty dresses, I suspect they have faded into insignificance in his mind.  Before I could come up with a reply, he decided, “You make me a fire-engine dress!”

As it happens, I have some very cool fire-engine fabric, and already had intentions for it.  “How about fire-engine pyjamas?” I riposte.



Anyway, there might be enough left over for a skirt…

© UpsideBackwards 2010.

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