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Glasses update

March 9, 2012

Pearl got her new glasses today, and is very pleased with them.  She noticed the difference right away, and loves her new frames.

We managed to get the eye drops into Fainjin’s eyes this morning, and he had his follow-up test this afternoon.  He is slightly long-sighted, enough to require glasses for close work but it’s also mild enough that there’s a good chance he will grow out of it.

So he got to choose frames for glasses as well.  He is going to look soooo cute!

He is pleased, he wanted to wear glasses “like Pearl does!”.  He’s a bit doubtful about only wearing them for close work – he wants to wear them all the time.  We’ll see how that goes… I think he will find it easier to take them off when he wants to run around outside.  He was chuffed to think that he would need to wear them when building his Lego creations though.

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Looking good

February 27, 2012

Our optometrist is offering free vision checks for children at the moment.  Pearl was due for a check-up in about a month, so I decided this was the perfect time to get her and Fainjin both booked in.

Fainjin enjoyed his test!  He was very proud that he could recognise most of the letters.  For some that he didn’t know, the optometrist asked him to draw them in the air with his finger.  That worked, and was very cute to watch.

His vision is pretty good, but he might be slightly long-sighted.  That could affect his reading in the long-term, so it’s best to pin it down now.  The optometrist gave me some eye-drops to put in his eyes the day before our next appointment next week.  The drops take 30min or so to work, and it was already late afternoon today, so it wasn’t a good time to try them then.

Fainjin enjoyed watching Pearl’s test too – he found it all very interesting.  Pearl’s vision has changed, not a lot but enough to make new glasses worthwhile.  We were going to replace the lenses in her existing frames, but it turned out that for just a few dollars more, we could have new frames – and a two-for-one deal.  So she chose two new frames (super-cute ones, in my totally unbiased opinion), and her glasses will be ready next week. It’s always handy to have a spare pair.

We are so used to her in glasses now that it’s odd to see her without them in older photos!

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By the way, Mum…

March 29, 2011

A week or two ago, Pearl was telling me about something that had happened at school.  As an aside, she mentioned in passing “Oh and we found out that I’m short-sighted, so I have to sit near the front, and…” she went on with her story as my jaw dropped.

“Wait, what?  Short-sighted?  When did you ‘find out’?”

The explanation was a bit fuzzy.  She can’t see the whiteboard very well, when all the other kids can.  There was no test as such, as far as I can tell, but she has moved desks.

So I made an appointment with an optometrist, of course.  In the last few days I have realised that really Pearl doesn’t see well at a distance – she has trouble reading signs and posters.

This was confirmed today at her eye exam.  She is indeed short-sighted, and has a very slight astigmatism in one eye.  She’s getting glasses!  One pink pair and one purple pair (no suprises there, at least).

There was a moment of comedy when the optometrist asked how long she read or worked on a computer during a day.  Computer? Hardly any.  Reading? …. hours and hours, depending on how successful she is at evading her jobs!

She’s looking forward to being able to sit anywhere in the class she likes, and I’m hoping she might find life quite a bit easier when her glasses are ready in a couple of weeks.

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