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Happy New Year 2012

January 1, 2012

Well, here we are.  January, again.  This time last year we had just got home from our Christmas trip to Queensland and Melbourne.

Since then, some amazing things have happened.

A personal highlight for me was meeting Susan, Stimey, Jessica, and Kristen in Maryland in May.  It was wonderful to discover that people who seemed so lovely and like-minded on-line were even more so in “real life”.

Pearl and I had a great trip, caught up with lots of friends and made some new ones, and she discovered Disneyland.  She sat her first ever exams and did astoundingly well in them.

Fainjin grew up an awful lot.  He is now really ready for school, which I was quite worried about even six months ago.  He still loves everything fire-engine and emergency-services related, but has become more interested in dinosaurs and animals – he was fascinated by the series “Life” when he was allowed to stay up to watch a bit.

Babess transformed from a toddler to a little girl.  She has grown taller, although people still remark on how little she is for her age.  She speaks clearly and thoughtfully… and incessantly.  She is loving and caring, cute and funny.  She’s looking forward to being one of the “big girls” at daycare this year, and to being there by herself without Fainjin I think.  But she is still determined to go to school as soon as possible too.

May 2012 treat you kindly, bring you joy and laughter, challenges and successes.

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