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June 14, 2012

Brrr!  We’ve had a definite change in the weather lately, and a nasty cold snap this week.  I have been crocheting hats – pretty shell-stitch ones for the girls in shades of pink and green, and a quick-but-warm one for myself.

As I worked on the flower to adorn Babess’ hat, I asked Fainjin whether he would like me to make him a hat, too.

“Yes!” he agreed, then looked at what I was doing. “But not a pink one.  And no flowers.”

Fair enough.  It’s a few years since he asked me to make him a pretty dress, after all.  “What colour hat would you like, Fainjin?”

“I want a dinosaur hat!  With spikes!”

Ummm.  OK, then.  This is no time to ruin the illusion that Mummy can do anything.  We had a look on the internet, and he decided he wants one like this – only bigger, obviously, since that’s a newborn hat.  We discussed the merits of “googly eyes” and he eventually decided he doesn’t want his dinosaur hat to have eyes.

There was a yarn sale at my favourite shop today, so I bought several balls of dinosaur-coloured yarn, and I have cobbled together a sort-of pattern from bits and pieces of other patterns, as is my wont.  Mostly I’m making it up as I go along.

When I’m done with that, Babess would like some gloves…

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