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Busy Fainjin

July 27, 2012

Recently Fainjin’s class read a story about Lazy Duck.  Lazy Duck was in danger of being eaten, so he quickly changed into Busy Duck!  Then they drew pictures of themselves being lazy and busy.  Fainjin’s “Lazy Fainjin” picture had him sitting watching TV, while in his “Busy Fainjin” picture he was drying the dishes.  The pictures are very cute, and I was interested to note that the TV and dish rack are quite detailed but he still draws himself as a stick figure.  With spiky hair and a big smile.

On Monday when he came home from school he wanted to turn on the TV.  “No,” I said, “find something else to do.”  He pondered for a bit, then said, “I could be Busy Fainjin and do the dishes.”

“Excellent idea!” I was impressed.  He dried the dishes and put them away, then wanted to turn on the TV.  “No, find something else to do until 4 o’clock” – 4pm is usually the earliest time we’ll consider turning on the TV in our house.

He wasn’t very happy.  “I could be Watching Fainjin, and watch the clock until then…” But I had a better idea.  “You could be Busy Fainjin again and vacuum the kitchen for me.”

Yeah!” He thought that sounded great, and really enjoyed getting the cleaner out and pushing it around.  It took up a handy amount of time, too, because he wasn’t all that methodical and kept missing patches.  He hasn’t improved all that much since I took these photos.

This afternoon he wanted to vacuum again.  I felt bad, because I had already vacuumed and washed the floor without him while he was at school.  But it’s ok – it will need vacuuming again at least once tomorrow!

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A job well done

July 11, 2012

“This morning is housework morning,” I declared (somewhat reluctantly, I admit, but it has to be done sometime).  Pearl promptly disappeared into her bedroom – I had expected no less.  Fainjin looked interested and said, “Can I help?”

Who in their right mind would turn down an offer like that?

He dried all the dishes first (this is one of his regular jobs).  He carried all the chairs out of the kitchen, and helped me move the table.  He vacuumed the kitchen, then watched with interest as I “finished it off”.  Then we got the bucket and mop, and I demonstrated how to wash the floor.  He washed the rest of the floor, and I mopped up the water afterwards.

Then we moved to the bathroom.  I cleaned the shower, with his running commentary and suggestions.  He helped me clean the basin, and pointed out smears on the mirror for me to clean (he couldn’t reach).  Then I cleaned the basin in the loo, while he scrubbed the toilet bowl.  He vacuumed the bathroom while I finished cleaning the loo, then he washed the floors in both rooms as well.

I hadn’t expected his interest to last the distance!  He did a good job, too.  I daren’t hope that he will become my constant cleaning companion – and eventually take over completely – but wouldn’t it be loverly?

When we’d finished, I carried the chairs back into the kitchen and we sat down for a cuppa (hot chocolate in his case) and a well-deserved chocolate bikkie.  Pearl emerged with a page of mathematics she had undertaken on her own initiative (perhaps out of guilt for dodging the cleaning), and spent the next hour or so writing the start of what might turn into quite a substantial fairy story.

We’ll do more holiday-ish things tomorrow.

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Reaping their rewards

April 7, 2012

I was sure I had written about the children’s tick sheets before, but I can’t find the post.  Bear with me if you have read some of this before!

Last year we started a job sheet for Pearl – she has to do a certain number of her jobs (homework, clean the bathroom basin, dishes, tidy her room, etc) each week in return for a reward.  That might be pocket money, or it might be some other reward like extra reading time or a Latin lesson or game of Monopoly (note to self – get Pearl excited about Scrabble).

This year we decided that Fainjin should have a job sheet too.  His jobs are smaller, but he has to do the same number each week for a reward.  For his ticks, he has to set the table, help put the dishes away, read us a book, and so on.

Babess saw all this going on and demanded to have jobs too.  It took me a little while to think of jobs that a three-year-old can do, but we decided on things like putting her dirty clothes in the laundry each night, getting dressed by herself, and putting her dishes on the bench after dinner.

All the children’s jobs are agreed with them beforehand.

The tick sheets have worked brilliantly!  Pearl has missed out on pocket money twice – having made a conscious decision to not do her jobs and take that consquence – but the other two have done all their jobs all the time since we started.  They have each had a savings goal: Fainjin wants Lego, Pearl wants books, and Babess would like a pony.  I think she means “My Little Pony”.  I hope so.  Their pocket money was set at a level where they could buy themselves something after about 5 weeks.

So today was deemed “spend the pocket money” day.  Fainjin was thrilled to be able to choose and buy his own “Ninjago” Lego set.  Babess couldn’t afford a pony after all, but bought herself a little fairy doll which comes with a change of clothes and shoes.  Pearl agonised over several books before choosing one in a series she knows she likes.

They were all pleased with themselves and proud of their efforts – and so were we.

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September 5, 2010

On her own initiative, Pearl drew up a “Jobs Rooster” for the family this week.  Fainjin’s and Babess’ days were blissfully free of obligations, but she had been pretty tough on herself.  Every week day had “practis” (as it should!), but at the weekend she nominated herself to clean the toilet on Saturday and “all the bedrooms” on Sunday.

Perhaps in honour of Fathers’ Day, The Dad’s schedule was comparatively light, mowing the lawn and cleaning the car his only jobs apart from “an hour of peace and quite” on Saturday.  Nice work if you can get it!

I was down to clean the kitchen and bathroom on Monday, then my week was free and clear until an ominous entry on Friday: “all forgotten”.

“What’s this one?” I asked.

“Oh, that’s all the other jobs I forgot to write down”, she airily informed me.

Lucky me!

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