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The point of a library

March 10, 2012

Babess and I went to the library this morning.  We returned the DVD we watched last night for movie night, and chose a new one.

“Can I look for a book?” asked Babess.  “Of course you can!” I said.

You might recall, we have a lot of books at home too.  Lots and lots in fact.  But the library does have quite a few more.  So I had to laugh when Babess started browsing through the picture books and pulling them out.

“Hey Mum, we don’t have this one!”

Umm, that’s kind of the point of a public library, sweetie.

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August 4, 2011

I went to the library this afternoon, and chose a couple of movies for the kids as well as some books for Pearl.  It’s very handy to have library DVDs on hand for winter weekend afternoons, I have found, especially if one or more of us is fighting off germy bugs as we often are at this time of year.

When Babess saw what I had picked, her voice squeaked so high with enthusiasm that I was surprised it didn’t set all the local dogs to barking.  “The GRUFF-alo?!!!”

She loves the book, so I knew she would be keen to see the movie.

“Did you buy it, Mummy?”

“No, it’s from the library, so we just have it for a week.”

“Oh. [pause] Did you buy it from the library?”

“No, I borrowed it.”

“Oh. [another pause] Did you say please to the library?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Oh good.  And did you say fank you to the library too?”

I assured her I had used my best manners.

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