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Rejoicing in good luck

January 22, 2013

Fainjin and I were walking along the street when I spotted some money on the ground.

“Quick, Fainjin, pick it up!” I urged.  “You can keep that.”

He regarded “his” find with awe.  “Wow! Twenty dollars!”

“Um,” I grinned as he held up the little silver coin, “no, twenty cents.”

“Cents! Cool!  That’s my first cents, eh Mum?”

He was just so happy to have a little extra money for his piggy bank.  He held it safe and warm in his hand for the rest of the afternoon until we got home.

© UpsideBackwards 2013.

40c worth of fun

January 8, 2012

Babess and I went to the farmers’ market this morning.  That was mostly a big mistake, as it was raining when we left and only got worse.  In fact, on the way home she told me, “Mummy I do not want to come here when it is raining and it is windy ever ever ever again.  It is horrible.”  We were both soaked to the skin, and were grateful when The Dad met us at the door with a pile of towels, the kettle boiling for warm drinks, and a warm shower ready to go for Babess.

On the other hand, I did get lovely new-season Agria potatoes for tonight’s dinner, and scrumptious yellow-flesh peaches which I roasted with cherries and frangelico to serve with vanilla yogurt…

Ahem.  Back to the story.  On the way to the market, I spotted a couple of coins lying on the footpath and pointed them out to Babess.  She picked them up and we saw that she had two 20c coins.  “Those can be yours,” I said – the street was deserted, and the coins had clearly been there for some time.

Her eyes went wide.  “They can be my moneys?”

“Yes, your money,” I assured her.  I don’t know that she’s ever had her “own” money before, come to think of it.  She carefully put it in her pocket until we got home.

There it was taken out and shown to everyone, then she built a “money shop” to spend her money in, and I think she bought and sold herself several of her toys.  Fainjin joined in the game and they had one coin each for a while.  There was a lot of running about and happy shouting and laughing.

We should all get such good value for money!

© UpsideBackwards 2012.

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