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Happy 2013!

December 31, 2012

We are home.  It is 11pm, only one hour until the New Year in New Zealand.

We had a great time in Queensland visiting family and also having a little just-us holiday as well.  I have lots of photos and stories, and hope to post them in the next couple of days, in between laundry loads and post-Christmas catch-ups with NZ family and friends.  I suppose I should also do a 2012-in-review! I have been remiss in posting here just lately.

Meanwhile, celebrate safely and well.

May 2013 treat you kindly, bring you joy and laughter, challenges and successes.

© UpsideBackwards 2012.

Happy New Year!

January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!  May it bring joy and laughter to all of us.

I have lots to write about from Christmas and our travels, and will start posting regularly again soon.  At the moment I have some jet-lag to fight off (mine and the children’s), and there are lots of Christmas presents to be played with, thank-yous to be written, and summer weather to be enjoyed.

© UpsideBackwards 2011.

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