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10th birthday party

October 27, 2012

The Dad and I are still getting our heads around the fact that we have been parents for a whole decade.  It seems only moments ago we had just met and were trying to figure out who was going to move across the Tasman to live with whom.  But Pearl has been 10 for a whole month, and last night we had her “home” birthday party.

We were in Canberra on her actual birthday, and wonderful friends there put on a lovely celebration for her, but of course she wanted to have something here for her school friends too.

She agreed to keep it simple (whew!), and invited five friends around for a pizza dinner and to watch a movie.  I set out a couple of bowls of chippies and some lollies for them, and they were allowed to eat in the lounge (quite a big deal in our house).

I did make a major discovery – how to get Pearl out of bed and into action in the morning.  Just tell her that if she moves now, she can make her own birthday cake.  She was up, dressed, and measuring butter and flour almost before I could draw breath!  The cake was baked before we had to leave for school, and that gave her plenty of time to decorate it in the afternoon.

Everything went very well.  All the guests arrived at the same time, and parents arrived to collect them again right on the appointed hour too, which helped a lot.  They each had their own pizza (take-away), and seemed to enjoy the movie.  There was very little clean-up for me to do afterwards, and the whole event was relaxed from my point of view.

All we have to do now is ensure the thank-you letters get written!

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Birthday party fun

June 24, 2012

Today we hosted Babess’ birthday party.  Six of her closest friends came bouncing down our driveway, parents in tow, to be greeted with squeals and laughter.  There is nothing more exciting than seeing friends you normally only see at daycare come to your house.

When everyone had arrived, presents opened and ooooohed over, The Dad took them all outside with a bottle of bubble mix each.  Thank goodness it was a lovely day!  We’ve had a few shockers recently, but we got sunshine and no wind when it really counted.  The neighbourhood was awash in bubbles in no time, and there was – again – much bouncing and squealing of laughter.

Bubble mix exhausted, they came inside and tumbled over each other to wash their hands and sit up for afternoon tea.  I had made a “caterpillar cake” – about 20 cupcakes in a row, with gummy-snake “legs” on each one except the head, which had marshmallow eyes and a drawn-on smile.  Each segment/cupcake had a letter of Babess’ name, a “4”, or a heart/star/swirl design.  I was quite proud of it.  I did notice that most kids ate the lollies but not necessarily the cake part though.

Birthday feast!

Apart from cake, there were chocolate crackles, chippies, fruit, milky-way racing cars, sausage rolls, cheerios (cocktail sausages), fairy bread and juice.  Much too much food.  Never mind, fairy bread for dinner won’t kill our family!  Attending adults were well-fed too, and a couple of large pots of coffee went down well.

As the sugar took hold, we shooed the kids outside again and my wonderful niece set up a “tattoo table” so all the little ones could choose temporary tattoos for arms and hands – and even legs.  Then there was much running around and exploring the house and playing with toys, as the adults chatted and enjoyed a bit more than the two-second “oh hi, nice to see you” conversations that you tend to get at daycare drop-off and pick-up.

Babess’ birthday ink

Eventually, things wound down as kids got tired and were taken home before reaching meltdown.  I did not do “goody bags”, and no-one missed them (huzzah!).  I did threaten to send extra chocolate crackles home with anyone whose present contained more than 100 pieces, but it was all good-natured fun.  Even the ones who gave Babess a huge beading kit laughed.

HOW many beads?!?!

Babess thought it was a great party, and Fainjin enjoyed it too.  I’m pretty sure the guests had a good time, and we didn’t set fire to anything, spark any allergic reactions, or have any accidents drawing blood.  I think we can call it a success.

(I still want to be invited to a Lego Robotics party at Stimey’s house, though!)

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Moomin-themed birthday Party

October 2, 2011

We had a great activity planned for Pearl and her friends today, and she was really looking forward to it.  Sadly, though, through no fault or lack of foresight on our part, it was unavailable this morning.  So we were left scrambling  a little bit for something to occupy six 8-10 year-old girls and two preschoolers.

Luckily, we were close to a good maritime museum, and spent a good 45 min in there marvelling at exhibits, climbing into boats and model cabins, and pushing buttons to see what noises they made.  Pearl was bitterly disappointed and not very enthusiastic about “Plan B”, but she put up with it and her friends were happy enough.  A bit of a treat afterwards was seeing a baby seal resting on rocks nearby!

"I wish someone would scratch my tummy..."

Then it was back home for a party lunch (rainbow goldfish crackers from our trip to the US were a huge hit!), and Moomin birthday cake, sorry, Snork Maiden birthday cake:

Snork Maiden birthday cake

We also had Moomin wine-gums and Moomin biscuits (cookies), and a Moomin-shaped jelly which was very popular.  In the photo you can see korvapuustit (Finnish cinnamon buns) and the compulsory “healthy lunch” option: vegemite-cheese scrolls.  A large bowl of carrot sticks disappeared rapidly too, rather to my surprise!

There was much playing-with-the-birthday-presents and Lego-building, and singing of Happy Birthday, and everyone seemed to have a good time.

© UpsideBackwards 2011.

Chocolate crackles

September 4, 2011

Fainjin was invited to a friend’s birthday party today.  It was held at a gymnastics club, and it turned out that Babess was welcome to stay as well, which was great.

It was very well set-up, with lots of equipment for the kids to play on, plenty of supervision, and the entire floor covered in soft mats (apart from the lovely sprung floor for tumbling on).

Fainjin had a great time climbing, balancing, swinging, jumping and bouncing.  He discovered that he can do forward and backward rolls, and really enjoyed playing with the big swiss ball.

Babess wasn’t so interested in the equipment, preferring to run around in circles on the sprung floor and occasionally kick a ball.  That was perfectly ok too.

At afternoon-tea time, Fainjin was very impressed with the chocolate crackles.  “Look Mum! Chocolate rice bubbles!”  Later I noticed he had four of the little paper cases on his plate.

I suppose I know one thing I’ll have to make for his birthday party in a few months!

© UpsideBackwards 2011.

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