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Ahoy there, me ‘earties!

September 20, 2011

Yesterday was apparently “International Talk Like a Pirate Day”.  I don’t know who thinks these days up.  Someone in the UN?  Anyway, for some probably-unrelated reason, today was “Pirate Day” at daycare.  They are having a dress-up/theme day about once a month, and the kids love it.  Today was possibly the most successful yet, I think, just judging by the number of costumes and the enthusiasm of all the kids at the end of the day.

Parents don’t have to provide a costume for these days – daycare has dress-up clothes, and encourage the kids to “make their own” whenever possible.  Today they made eyepatches and I think newspaper hats.  Nonetheless, when I can I like to do something.  I had a look at some “pirate” kids on TV at the weekend, and determined that the main thing that made them look like pirates was the headscarf.  Belts, waistcoats, ragged pants, etc, all added to the look, but the ones who were wearing everyday clothes just needed a scarf to make the main transformation.

I just happened to have a length of sun-damaged red cotton in my stash, a gift from another crafty person.  Perfect!  I tore a couple of strips, about 20cm wide, and showed the kids how simply tying them on their heads made an instant “pirate scarf”.  They were thrilled!  The torn edges looked better than cut ones would have – more piratey.

There was fabric left, so I tore a large square and folded it in half to make a “triangle skirt” to tie over Babess’ regular skirt.

Then I eyed the remaining rectangle.  Hmmm.  I folded the edges to the middle, cut holes on the folds for arms, cut slashes along the bottom, and hey-presto, a pirate vest!  It didn’t quite fit at the top, needing a little shaping, but safety pins are a marvellous solution when you’re in a hurry.

The two costumes took me perhaps five minutes total: no sewing, just scissors and two safety pins.  The kids love them, the teachers thought I was a genius, and best of all I can salvage most of the fabric and put it back in my stash when they’ve finished playing!

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