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A job well done

July 11, 2012

“This morning is housework morning,” I declared (somewhat reluctantly, I admit, but it has to be done sometime).  Pearl promptly disappeared into her bedroom – I had expected no less.  Fainjin looked interested and said, “Can I help?”

Who in their right mind would turn down an offer like that?

He dried all the dishes first (this is one of his regular jobs).  He carried all the chairs out of the kitchen, and helped me move the table.  He vacuumed the kitchen, then watched with interest as I “finished it off”.  Then we got the bucket and mop, and I demonstrated how to wash the floor.  He washed the rest of the floor, and I mopped up the water afterwards.

Then we moved to the bathroom.  I cleaned the shower, with his running commentary and suggestions.  He helped me clean the basin, and pointed out smears on the mirror for me to clean (he couldn’t reach).  Then I cleaned the basin in the loo, while he scrubbed the toilet bowl.  He vacuumed the bathroom while I finished cleaning the loo, then he washed the floors in both rooms as well.

I hadn’t expected his interest to last the distance!  He did a good job, too.  I daren’t hope that he will become my constant cleaning companion – and eventually take over completely – but wouldn’t it be loverly?

When we’d finished, I carried the chairs back into the kitchen and we sat down for a cuppa (hot chocolate in his case) and a well-deserved chocolate bikkie.  Pearl emerged with a page of mathematics she had undertaken on her own initiative (perhaps out of guilt for dodging the cleaning), and spent the next hour or so writing the start of what might turn into quite a substantial fairy story.

We’ll do more holiday-ish things tomorrow.

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A full day

July 4, 2012

Yesterday we left the house early-ish: after a school day would have started, but not by much.  We went for a long walk and scooter-ride, 90 minutes around to the next village.  There we stopped for morning tea before getting on a bus into Wellington to spend the rest of the day.

We went to Carter Observatory, to Fainjin’s delight.  He is very interested in the solar system since studying space at school and at Boys’ Brigade last term.  He bounced around the museum exhibits, while Pearl & I followed at a more sedate pace.  There were some school holiday activities there too, so they fished for “knowledge” about Matariki and made paper baskets to carry their knowledge home in.

Being at the observatory always reminds me of Susan, and of the Science Fair Stimey organised in her honour.  We saw a planetarium show about weather systems on different planets (and some moons), which was fascinating.  Fainjin confided later that he thought we were “going to die” because the film took us so close to the sun, but I held him in my lap for most of the show and he eventually peeked out from between his fingers and enjoyed most of it.

I wish I could remember whether it was on Neptune or Uranus that it rains diamonds.  Susan would know.  That sounded much cooler than seasonal cryovolcanic eruptions (although I have to say those are pretty amazing too!).  Pearl pouted because they didn’t mention Pluto then Fainjin started arguing with her that Pluto’s too small to be a planet and I had to hush them even though I was impressed by their level of debate because we were in a theatre.

Soon enough it was time to catch a series of busses home again.  The kids were happy but exhausted – as was I!  I put together a scrappy dinner of whatever-I-could-think-of that they might eat.  They went to bed fairly promptly and were soon asleep (only to be woken later by the earthquake).

This morning Fainjin told me all about the things he had learned and kept asking to go back to the observatory.  I’m sure we will.

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Winter holidays

June 30, 2012

The first day of the winter school holidays is for

-sleeping in

-playing with Lego

-watching movies and tv most of the afternoon (while also playing with Lego)

-having play picnics in the lounge and hall and bedroom

-shutting yourself in your bedroom and listening to CDs while reading library books

-having smiley-bear pikelets for afternoon tea

smiley-bear pikelets

© UpsideBackwards 2012.

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