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Sing a New Song

August 18, 2011

It was one of those days where Pearl was in a grump and anything anyone did (especially her siblings) was going to annoy her.

Babess, on the other hand, was supremely content.  For no reason – she often doesn’t need one.  She was singing, stringing random bits of songs together with “la la la, be do be do” in between.

“Babess! Stop that! It’s not even a real song!” snarled her big sister.

“Yes it is,” protested Babess mildly. “[singing] La la down in da jungle be do old mac-nonald la la…”

“No it’s not! You just made it up!”  The Dad observed that all songs are made up, but Pearl just rolled her eyes at him.  She was in a right snit.  (Don’t worry, after a couple of hours in the rocking chair with a good book she was back to herself again, but that was later).

“OK then, what’s the name of the song?!” she challenged.

Babess paused her singing again to give the perfect answer.


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