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Spelling homework

November 26, 2013

Pearl was casting around for something spelling-related to do for her homework.  Apparently she’s finished her “list” so she was asking for something to doooo.

I pointed her to my dictionary shelf, and said, “Find some interesting words and write about them, or write a story using them.  Better still, look in the Dictionary of Etymology and look up word histories.  It’ll be like the Word Hunter series you like so much.”

She liked that idea, and sat down for a fair while with my dictionary and a piece of paper.  Later I looked to see what words she had chosen.

The first one was “etymology“.

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March 8, 2013

Fainjin gets five spelling words to learn each week.  He’s only 6, so the words are ones like “he” and “went”.  (Pearl gets 20 words like “efficiency” and “character”).

He finds it easier to think when he’s building something, I think, and so quite often I practise with him while he’s playing with his Lego.  I’ll say the word and he’ll spell it out.  He does pretty well, usually getting them all right.

Tonight I pulled out his spelling notebook and he exclaimed, “Yay! The guessing game!”

I’m not sure he’s quite grasped the intention of “learning” the spelling words!  (But a snarky part of me wanted to quip, “With an attitude like that, you could be a journalist”…)

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