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Bear’s big adventure

April 11, 2012

Last year when we went to Sydney, Green Bear came too of course.  He mostly stayed at the hostel when we went out, although he might have seen one or two of the playgrounds we visited.

On our last day, we had to leave early in the morning, so The Dad and I packed the night before.  Green Bear went into one of the carry-on bags, but had to come out again to sleep with Fainjin.  In the morning, we got the children up, dressed them, stripped the beds and took the linen down to reception, left the duvets piled on the beds, checked under the beds and in all the cupboards for any forgotten items, and left while it was still dark.

A couple of hours later, on the plane, I noticed that Babess’ baby doll was in my bag, but Green Bear wasn’t.   “Do you have Green Bear?” I asked The Dad quietly.  He looked in his bag.  “Nooo…”  We wondered whether Fainjin had put Green Bear in his own little bag.  I checked.  Nope.

I wondered whether to bring it up.  We were still half-way through our trip, and I didn’t want Fainjin to be upset about losing his bear, if he had.  But I thought he might have put Green Bear in one of the checked bags.  So as we walked through the second airport on the way to our next plane, I casually asked, “Hey Fainjin, do you know where Green Bear is?”

Fainjin looked at me and giggled.  “He’s hiding!” he said conspiratorially.

“Hiding?!” I had a sick feeling in my stomach.  “Hiding where?”

“At the hostel!  Heee heee hee!”

“Fainjin… we’re not going back to the hostel.  We’re not even going back to Sydney!”

“I know!  Hee hee!  He’s having a – hee hee! – adbenture!”

He certainly was.  It turned out Fainjin had hidden the bear in one of the piled-up duvets.  Luckily the hostel were very kind and understanding and posted him back to us.  It took a couple of weeks to get him back, but Fainjin was supremely unconcerned the whole time.  He was perfectly happy knowing that he had sent his bear on a big adventure!

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A bear’s life

February 26, 2012

Fainjin has a favourite bear, known as “Green Bear”.  He doesn’t sleep with it every night, or have to take it everywhere, but it is his favourite, and if he chooses to take a toy somewhere then this bear is usually the one.

Green Bear came with us on a trip to town last week.  While we were waiting for the bus, Fainjin showed me how Green Bear can do the “jump-jam” moves that he (Fainjin) learned at school.  Fainjin’s favourite, and therefore Green Bear’s also, is “KungFu Frightening”.  Fainjin sang, “Everybody was kung-fu frightening! doof-doof-doof-doof!” while Pearl admonished “Kung fu fighting!” and Green Bear was put through some energetic kung-fu punches and kicks.

Then Fainjin showed me that Green Bear is sad.  He does have a turned-down mouth, poor bear.  Fainjin gave him some cuddles, but he still looked sad.

“Don’t worry, Mum, I can make him happy – watch!” And Fainjin squashed and scrunched Green Bear’s face until the turned-down mouth was twisted into an uncomfortable-looking smirk.

Ah, the life of a favourite bear.

© UpsideBackwards 2012.

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