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A Dog’s Show

April 28, 2013

One of the TV shows I remember from my childhood with great fondness is A Dog’s Show.  Each Sunday evening before the news we would avidly watch the sheepdog trials, marvelling at the well-trained dogs and the extraordinarily bolshie sheep.

I’ve often mused in recent years that this made much better television than the recent trend for talent shows, singing competitions, and kitchen wars.  I was wishing they would bring it back.

Last night I was up very late past my bed-time, and noticed that one of the more obscure tv channels was running a repeat of a 1980’s episode of A Dog’s Show!  I quickly started recording it, and went to bed.

This afternoon I sat down with Babess & Fainjin to watch some quality television.  I was hoping they would enjoy it, but wondered how well it had aged.  I also wondered what these 21st-century city children would think of sheepdog trials for entertainment, and whether they would tolerate it for more than five minutes before asking for cartoons.

I needn’t have worried.  They were fascinated.  They asked a few questions and started cheering on the dogs and exclaiming at the sheep.  This was a special anniversary programme, a kind of all-stars episode featuring past winners, and the producers had found some particularly evil-minded sheep which kept on running in exactly the wrong direction and staring menacingly at the dogs.

After a while Fainjin summed up the series perfectly: “So… the sheeps are the bad guys, eh?  And the dogs are the good guys.”

I had to agree, but gently pointed out that it’s “sheep”, not “sheeps”.  “We don’t put an s on the end of sheep, Fainjin.”

Babess, not yet at school but already figuring out the basics of spelling and always keen for the last word, jumped in, “No, we put a p on the end of sheep!”

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Doctor… who?

October 11, 2012

The Dad and I are fans of Dr Who.  We missed a lot of the last series, for various reasons, but the new series has started on TV here now, and although we’ve missed a couple of episodes because we were in Australia, we’re keen to catch what we can.  We were discussing it in the car this afternoon, because I was going to be out for the evening and I wanted The Dad to tape it for me.

“What’s Dr Who?” someone in the back asked.  Probably Fainjin.

“It’s a grown-up tv programme,” we replied.

“Can we watch it?” Fainjin thought it sounded interesting.

“No, because it’s on late and it’s very scary for children.”

There was a little pause, and then Babess said, “Mum?”

“Yes, Babess?”

“I am very brave, you know.”

We had a little talk about how brave they all were but that the show is scary and not for children, even brave ones, that it might give them bad dreams, and anyway it doesn’t start until After Bedtime.

I went out, The Dad entertained the children, fed them, bathed them, read to them and put them to bed.

He was startled, having started the recorder and settled down to watch tv, to see a small figure standing in the doorway, thumb in mouth, curious eyes on the screen.

“Is that Dr Seuss?  Can I watch it?  I’m very brave.”  Babess was very earnest.

I wonder what Dr Seuss would have made of the Stone Angels?

© UpsideBackwards 2012.

Quote of the week

September 17, 2010

Pearl: “Mum, I feel sorry for people in other countries who don’t speak English… because they wouldn’t be able to understand the television.”

A discussion of TV broadcasting in other countries and languages then followed!  She was disconcerted to learn that in some places she would the one unable to understand…

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