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One building, many uses

January 6, 2012

Babess built a little square building out of Lego, and put the Lego police dogs (cuuute!) in it.  She told me it was a dog house, I asked if it was a kennel but she said no, it’s a dog house.  She needed a bit of help getting the bricks to sit together firmly, and getting the dogs to stand up on the bricks.  There was lots of adjusting the positions of the walls and re-arranging the roof, but eventually she was happy.

Next morning, Fainjin brought out the same building.  He had embellished it with some windows and outlying structures, and strung a Lego chain across an opening.  “It’s a rocket crasher!” he told me, and described in great detail how a rocket would try to fly through the gap but get caught up in the chain and go “crash crash crash!” and fall to pieces.

Pearl turned it back into a luxury kennel later, and had the dogs enjoying the fresh air from the roof.  She put in all sorts of facilities for them, being very concerned for their wellbeing.  I was too, if any rockets crashed into their house.  She thought quite hard about which way the dogs should face.  They ended up facing each other, nose to nose – perhaps even kissing.

It reappeared again this morning.  The dogs were gone again, and Fainjin had expanded the building still further.  Now it was a Space House, with a garage.  In the garage, there was – of course – a rocket.  Every home should have one.

I wonder what it will be tomorrow?

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Fainjin’s birthday

January 3, 2012

Happy Birthday, Fainjin!

Fainjin is five today.  Apparently he was hoping for a dinosaur-fire-fighter cake, but a banana cake with my first attempt at cream-cheese icing and dinosaur lollies on top was nonetheless well-received.

His best friend from daycare, M, came over for a playdate which went very well.  It was a lovely sunny afternoon, and the kids played happily outside for quite a while before coming in to enjoy the new birthday toys and Christmas presents.  When M’s family came to collect him, we sang and cut the cake, and socialised some more.

It was an unintentionally dinosaur-themed birthday: he received several dinosaur-related presents from different people, including one rather noisy one.  He and Pearl have spent a large part of the evening playing “dinosaur families” – there are two large dinosaurs and 18 small ones – making sure the “children” are fed (quote, “I’ve got some fresh meat for the babies!”) and giving them rides on the big dinosaurs’ backs.

And yet it seems like yesterday he was just learning to crawl…

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Boxing Day

December 26, 2011

After a quieter-than-usual Christmas where it was “just us” – or not even that, as Pearl has stayed with her grandparents – for the afternoon, today was very peaceful.  Fainjin and Babess played happily with their new toys all day long, every so often going to the laundry-basket full of presents and rediscovering another new amusement.

It was a day for opening boxes – of lego, puzzles, toys.  The new scooter and bike are still in their boxes, though.  Despite the brilliant weather, today was spent mostly inside.  I was grateful; the sunburn risk for my little redheads was extreme, and besides, with The Dad out of action the task of assembling the bike would fall to me… it still will, of course, it’ll just be another day.

Fainjin came into the kitchen to “help” me make some ice-cream, and when I noted that we hadn’t heard from Babess playing in the lounge for a few minutes, I sent him to ask if she was ok.

I heard, “Babess, are you ok?  Are you ok?  Babess, are you ok?”

He came back into the kitchen.  “She didn’t answer me!”

“Oh. Is she awake?”

“No!”  Which would explain the lack of answer, perhaps.

The Dad, having overheard from another room, went to look and reported that she had settled on a cushion, having dragged out a blanket, and dozed off on the lounge-room floor.

That’s the kind of day it was.

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Birthday list

August 29, 2011

Fainjin really wanted Pearl’s electric Smiggle eraser (rubber) the other day.  She wasn’t all that keen on him having it.  He gave it back, but was upset about it.

He hasn’t really wanted anything until recently.  Just in the last couple of weeks he has started to covet Pearl’s scooter – his has three wheels and he obviously thinks it’s beneath his dignity.  And now her rubber.

To ease the pain of returning it, I sat him on my knee and “reminded” him that when he’s a big boy heading to school in just a few months, we will get him a “School Box” with his very own paper and pens and rubbers.  His eyes went wide.  “I want one like Pearl’s but I want a green one!”

“Well, let’s put it on your birthday list then,” I said.  He’s never had a birthday list before, either – we’ve had to decide what he would like, since he didn’t have any “wants”.  I got the big diary out and made a page just for him.  I wrote down “scooter” and “green Smiggle”.  He caught on fast, and “farm Lego” and “BIG box of fire-engine Lego” were soon added.

The girls joined in the game, and pages for them were added.  This will be handy, come Christmas.  I started pages for myself and The Dad as well!

That night, as I put him to bed, he told me he had another thing for his list.  “I think I’d like… a book,” he said with his sweetest smile, and my heart warmed, another book-lover, “…called… Dinosaur Poems.”

The next lesson might have to be that you don’t necessarily get everything on the list!

Disclosure: This post has not been sponsored in any way.

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Be prepared

August 12, 2011

“Come on, Fainjin!” I said, “It’s time to get in the car!”

“Just a minute Mum,” he didn’t even look up, “I just need to get my things.”

I saw a plastic toy picnic set knife disappear into his backpack, next to some books.  Then a toy tiger.  His purple teddy bear was squished into the main compartment.  I didn’t really want to ask why he needed a knife…

He was struggling to do up the zips, unsurprisingly given how many toys and books he had crammed into the bag.  He wrestled with them for a while, then defying my expectations, succeeded!  With a satisfied grin, he swung the bag onto his back and headed for the door.

“Got everything?” I asked.

“Yup.  Got the tiger, and the ABC book I can read all by myself, and some other stuff…  Bye, Mum!”

I smiled as my intrepid explorer set off for the day.

Wait, he can read a book all by himself?!

© UpsideBackwards 2011.

A fire-engine birthday

January 3, 2011

Fainjin is four.  My lament that his days of threedom and going fourward are over was matched only for groan-worthiness by Uncle G’s asking whether he got any new four-engines…

Of course he did.  His gifts fell into three broad categories: Lego, crocodiles, and (wait for it) fire-engines.

LOTS of lego!

crocodile hat and bionic claw

Unintentionally hilarious instructions

Quote of the day is from The Dad, on seeing the Bionic Claw: “Great!  I’ve always wanted one of these!”

Fainjin got not one, but two fire-engine bubble machines.  They move around and sound their sirens incessantly and blow bubbles from their water cannon.  They are both the same brand, but different fire engines, so that worked out well (although noisily).  In addition to the “bubbles liquid infusion sketch map” telling you to “remove the fim”, the bubble mix has this:

Infunde a full minor lattice every time

And even better than the noisy fire-engines, the fabulous Auntie B made this:

Isn't she amazing?!

It was the hit of the day!

We had a family morning tea, with Nana and Poppa and Auntie B and cousins, then a “real party” in the afternoon.  Only one of his friends from daycare could come,  but even that worked out quite nicely, keeping things low-key for his first play-date/party.  The kids played with Lego and ate party food, while the adults ate slightly different party food (chilli roast beef and spinach sandwiches, nut pies) and chatted.

After the party, the kids watched a DVD while I “helped” Fainjin put together the huge Lego crane.  That is, I had a great time playing with his Lego while he watched the DVD and occasionally came over to see what I was doing.

I think we all had a good day.

© UpsideBackwards 2011.

Sign of the times

November 15, 2010

When I was small, I had an old rotary-dial phone to play with.

All my children have their own toy cellphones.  I find it amusing that they have all carried on fluent conversations on them – with appropriate pauses – well before being able to talk back to a doting grandmother on a real phone.

But there have been generational advances even between the children.  Yesterday, Babess opened her toy cellphone, held it up in front of her towards The Dad, and said “Smile!”

It makes me wonder what my grandchildren’s toys will look like…

© UpsideBackwards 2010.

Why do we have so many toys?

October 12, 2010

At home, the children have lots of toys.  It’s hard to keep their rooms tidy because they have too much stuff.  Every so often I try to winnow the toys down a bit, but it’s hard.  There are toys that I am attached to, because of who gave them to us, and “treasures” that the kids love, and really good-quality toys that I think we should hold on to.

And they do play with most of the toys.

But since we’re in a tiny apartment for the next few weeks, I brought just one bed-time toy each (teddy bears and Baby), a pile of books, and a box of Lego/Duplo/Megablocks.  Pearl also brought her birthday-present Zhu-zhu pets.  All three children have been playing with the blocks, very happily indeed.  They play by themselves or together, and don’t go looking for anything else.

I suspect they’d be happy enough with whatever they had, be it plastic blocks or a pad of paper or a pile of sticks and stones.  They enjoy their toys, to be sure, but they only play with them because they’re there, and don’t seem to miss them now they’re not.

© UpsideBackwards 2010.


September 12, 2010

Most of the toys in our house don’t have names.  The bears are all “Bear”, except for Fainjin’s Bob, Love and Nobody, and Pearl’s Sparkle Bear (whose name is embroidered on his tummy).  The dolls are all “Dolly” or “Baby”.

So when Babess got a toy echidna for her birthday from her Australian cousins, we were slightly surprised that she gave it a name.  For a little while, she called it “Pink”.  It’s not, of course; it’s brown, but ok…  However, after a couple of days, she came to us, held it up and said, “He’s Gary.”


“Yes.  Gary.”

So the echidna is now Gary forevermore.  We don’t know anyone called Gary, and nor does she, so it’s a mystery where she got the name.  It’s possible that she was trying to say “scary”, but the echidna is soft and cuddly and not at all threatening-looking.

Welcome to the family, Gary.

© UpsideBackwards 2010.

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