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November 7, 2010

Pearl has worn me out this evening, with lots of tantrums and drama over every little thing and especially practising for her Christmas concert at the music school.  So it’s only fair that she write tonight’s post for me.

There was once a woman who liked grollrias.  She liked them so much that one day she went to live in the praire.  She was a kiwi but she knew some latin.

She knew enough latin to say “I am stplaya” in latin. Her name was latin which helped.

Next day she went to rome.  She oley need to say “ego sum staplaya*” to get a man to get the taxi going to the praire.  Once she was at the praire she  went to ispict her new house.

* “I am staplaya” in latin.  [Pearl’s own footnote]

One of the characters in her Latin textbook is Staphyla, I’m assuming Staplaya is a variant spelling…

Sadly, there are no further chapters on Staplaya’s adventures in her writing book.  I wonder whether she found any gorillas on the prairie, what her new house there was like, and how much a taxi from Ancient Rome to the prairie costs?

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If Children Could Drive Cars

November 5, 2010

If Children Could Drive Cars…

I would feel scared Because they would’ent know how to and thered Be lot of crashes.  all the children would feel excited Because they were allowed to drive.  There would be lot’s of Beep Beep  Beeeep’s!  the childrens Mothers and Farthers would Feel angrey Because their children would Be crashing their cars.  Children would Be running Over pepele and yelling Sorry out the window.

By Pearl.  (A writing exercise for school; she told me she didn’t like this one because she didn’t think it was a good idea for kids to drive).

© UpsideBackwards 2010.

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