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August 28, 2012

We went to the zoo at the weekend.  Fainjin and Babess were incredibly excited, and ran around like mad things trying to see all the animals as quickly as possible… until they found the playground, then they wanted to spend all their time there.

Next to the playground, a marquee was set up with activities for children – face-painting and so on.  There was also a colouring competition, and rather to my surprise both Babess and Fainjin were very keen to draw a picture.  Pearl was not in the least bit interested, so she and The Dad went off “to look at some animals”.

The competition asked you to “draw your favourite animal eating their lunch”.  Fainjin drew a giraffe eating a tree, and Babess drew a very creditable monkey with a banana.

But the best bit, the very best bit, was when the young lady who had been helping them with the pictures – bringing entry forms, making sure they had the coloured pens they needed/wanted, feeding them free bananas, asking my permission to take their photo as they posed cheesily – said to me, “Your children have the loveliest manners!”

That was the best bit.

A monkey eating a banana for lunch, by Babess

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Someone who looks after the animals

April 16, 2012

Yesterday morning, Babess was unwell.  While she slept it off, The Dad took Pearl and Fainjin to the local zoo.  Just after they left, Babess woke up feeling much better (I’m convinced now she had overheated, rather than having a tummy bug, but at the time I couldn’t tell) and she was mad.  The same thing happened last year – she fell ill while we were here, and the bigger kids went to the zoo.  I promised that we would try to go another day when she was better, and we settled in for a morning of reading books and watching Disney movies.

This morning we went to the zoo again.  Pearl and Fainjin weren’t that interested in a repeat visit, so The Dad took them to the adjacent playground and Babess and I walked around saying hello to all the animals.  She found the chimpanzees intimidating, although they were rather placid, but was charmed by the dingoes and koalas.  We marvelled at the sheer bulk of the sleeping wombat and she bounced up and down in front of the very bored-looking kangaroos (who were lazing about and not bouncing as she had hoped).

At one point we were walking down a path and a zookeeper passed us, on some errand or another.  She said in her loud and crystal-clear voice, “And there’s the farmer…”

© UpsideBackwards 2012.

Just the friendly ones

August 3, 2011

A guest post from The Dad.

Fainjin has had a mandatory 48-hour absence from daycare because he was sick a couple of nights ago. It looks like it was a very short attack as he seemed fine for the rest of that night and has been eating normally (for him, that is) and alert and active while I’ve stayed home with him. He has happily tagged along with me running errands and walking Pearl to and from school.

During winter, the local zoo has $5 Wednesdays to encourage people to keep visiting even though most of the animals are pretty inactive. So, with Fainjin healthy and not much to lose if he decided he didn’t want to stay there, we went to the zoo this afternoon. As he was putting his boots on, he asked “Are we going on a plane?”. I guess this shows how long it’s been since we’ve been to our zoo if he thinks we have to go overseas.

After a short drive, we got there and joined the line of mums with pre-schoolers taking advantage of the winter deal, and as we went through, Fainjin announced “I don’t want to see the scary aninals. I only want to see the friendly ones”. This was a surprise given that he’d been talking about big cats, bears and crocodiles in the morning. However, as we went around and he started taking great interest over what might be in the next enclosure, the distinction between scary and friendly mattered less and less. By the time we got to the tiger, it was all forgotten, with Fainjin eagerly staring into its jaws a couple of feet away.

Later, at home, when Babess returned, Fainjin excitedly told her where we’d been and what we’d seen. Her eyes got wider and wider until she just had to ask “Did you see the T-Rex too?”.


© UpsideBackwards 2011.

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